Where’s the truth???

UPDATE – A Must Read Diary from Daily Kos.  Did John McCain knowingly leave POWs behind?


Last evening, I was doing phone banking. One of the people that I contacted was a Vietnam Vet. He told me that he would never vote for John McCain and then he proceeded to tell me all sorts of stories about McCain’s military history and how Vietnam Vets dislike John McCain. I will not repeat the stories because it is hearsay. Later in the evening, I did an Internet search on John McCain’s military history and Vietnam Veterans. I was amazed at all the different opinions and stories about John McCain and his time as a POW. John McCain tells us one story about his experience. Other former POWs tell a different story about John McCain’s experience. After all the reading, I was left with the question, “Who is telling the truth?”. Someone is lying.

For the past several months, I noticed that John McCain has been lying about some issues. Here’s a sample of a few things that John McCain has been saying along with some links to other websites and videos.

  • False – Senator Obama requested over $1 billion in earmarks. – Fact, Senator Obama requested $311 million in 2007 and none this year (19 month time span) compared to $750 million requested by Sarah Palin in the same time span.
  • False – Obama air dropped a mini army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers into Alaska right after McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP choice. Fact, Obama didn’t send anyone to Alaska to investigate Palin. The National Enquirer did, though.
  • False – Obama will raise taxes on Americans making $40,000.00/year. Fact: Obama will lower taxes on Americans making $40,000/year. Actually, Obama will lower taxes on anyone making less than $115,000.00/years (see this chart)

Links to other stories and videos:

Think Progress – McCain lies about letters to the FCC

Newsweek – McCains Tax Distortions

Huffington Post – McCain lies about Social Security Privitization

The Pundits

When I continued my search, I found more and more lies and distortions and flip flops all from John McCain. So now I’m beginning to question John McCain’s story about his experience as a POW. He lied to his first wife while he was having multiple affairs until he met Cindy Hensley and then he settled with her. He even lied about his divorce.

So just when did John McCain start lying? As soon as he arrived back in the States from Vietnam? Did he start with his POW stories? I don’t know. I’m just asking. John McCain seems very comfortable with lying. Is he a habitual liar?

We have spent the last 8 years with a habitual liar in the White House and we don’t need four more years of the same.

So when does telling the truth stop and the lying begins???

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The man seems to be a continual lying machine. Unfortunately he’s “white” and a “war hero” and many Americans don’t need to know anything else.

Thought you’d find this interesting:

(btw, my blogroll has mysteriously disappeared from my blog, although it’s on my dashboard. have had weird tech problems in past few weeks. Sarah Palin’s probably out to get me.)

I started questioning McCain’s military stories when he was in Pittsburgh and was asked what he thinks of when he’s in Pittsburgh. He answered the Steelers because when he was a POW, they made him name has squadron mates – he used the Steelers defense.
His book and in previous interviews his answer was the Packers offense.
He lied about something as simple as this. Everything he says could be a lie. Everything.

If you see posts by Gasdoctor here on wordpress read them as well.

He’s a Vietnam Vet and knows people who knowsMcCain (heresay yes, but where there is smoke…). Much of what gasdoc writes about McCain has a ring of truth and is very intriguing.

McCain seems to have NO problem lying. It’s his first language and English is his second.

I think Paulette is referring to Gasdocpol who has McCain’s number.

btw Cats, I have guided people to come read your blog! They should to understand PA, a swing state…. and COMMONSENSE.

Brilliant article. Unfortunately, people that are voting for McCain don’t care if he is the biggest liar in the world. Their other agenda will allow for McCain to do and say anything he wants.

The only thing that could throw a monkey wrench in his parade is for him to eat a small child – for dinner – on television. That’s not going to happen because they always turn the cameras off.

I promise I’ll be cheerier tomorrow. 😦

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