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Wealth Reality

The wealth distribution in this nation is appalling.  This is why it is becoming more difficult to make ends meet.  Are you feeling the pain?

Thom Hartman wrote a book in which one chapter explores “What is Enough”.  He presents different perspectives on being ‘rich’ and being ‘poor’.

While they number fewer than one percent of all humans on the planet, the result of a relentless 5-millenium genocide by our worldwide Younger Culture, there are still people alive on Earth who are members of Older Cultures that predate the Mesopotamian city-states. There are also people whose Older Culture ways have only been so recently taken from them-such as many Native American tribes-that while they may no longer live the Older Culture way, they remember it.

In these Older Cultures, the concept of “more is better” is unknown. They would consider “greed is good” to be the statement of an insane person. One person eating near another who is hungry is an obscene act.

The ‘Older Cultures’ regard wealth not as goods and services.  Instead, their view of wealth is security.

In Older Cultures, the goal of the entire community is to get every person in the community to the “enough point.” Once that is reached and ensured, people are free to pursue their own personal interests and bliss. The shaman explores trance states, the potter makes more elegant pots, the storyteller spins new yarns, and parents play with and teach their children how to live successfully.

Contrast that to the quest by people like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers.  For them, there is never enough money in their bank accounts.  They don’t own enough ‘things’ so they keep striving for more and more.  If they lost everything today, they would have nothing because money doesn’t buy true friendship.  Who really likes a greedy person?  No one.

Ghandi said, “There is enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

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When Do We Get Outraged?

The New York Times has reported that there were many more “ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up throughout Europe” then originally documented.

After reading the article, I suspect the German citizens were aware of these ghettos and camps as they were everywhere.  We are outraged at this cruelty and rightfully so.  The occupants were not only Jews but included Poles, Russians, homosexuals, the mentally impaired, the elderly, the sick and political enemies.  Millions of people were killed by the Nazis.

The United States government is also guilty of genocide.

Two studies have been conducted that attempt to number the natives killed by the United States. The first of these was sponsored by the United States government, and while official does not stand up to scrutiny and is therefore discounted (generally); this estimate shows between 1 million to 4 million killed. The second study was not sponsored by the US Government but was done from independent researchers. This study estimated populations and population reductions using later census data. Two figures are given, both low and high, at: between 10 million and 114 million Indians as a direct result of US actions. Please note that Nazi Holocaust estimates are between 6 and 11 million; thereby making the Nazi Holocaust the 2nd largest mass murder of a class of people in history.
American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) – “over 100 million killed” “[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives”
God, Greed and Genocide: The Holocaust Through the Centuries: Grenke (New Academia Publishing 2006)
Holocaust: Critical Concepts in Historical Studies: Cesarani, (Routledge 2004)

H/T to WikiAnswers.

In 1840, the Indian Removal Act made it illegal for Native Americans to live in Georgia.  This act wasn’t repealed until March 1980.  Beginning in the 1830’s, the Leni Lenape were removed from the areas surrounding the Hudson River and Delaware River and sent to Oklahoma.  The Native American children were sent to the ‘Indian School’ in Carlyle, PA.

More information about the removal of Native Americans can be found here.

Today, Native Americans live in extreme poverty on reservations that are on land that no one else wants.  After breaking treaty upon treaty, our government corralled the first people onto wastelands.

Why aren’t we angry about the US government’s genocide?  Where’s the outrage?  The Nazi holocaust stirs up anger as do the current drone strikes happening in other countries.  Do we only get offended by deaths that occur in other countries?  When it happens on our soil, do we just turn our heads aside and ignore it?

The US is host to the ‘Holocaust Museum’.  When will we build the Native American genocide museum?

Videos War

To Know War Is To Know Madness In This World – President Lyndon B. Johnson

Chuck Hagel served in this war.  So did John Kerry.  Yet the yellow elephants that got deferments find fault with these warriors.

Here’s a few cowards that were unwilling to serve or made sure that they didn’t have to fight:

  • George W. Bush – remained in the States
  • Ted Nugent
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Donald Rumsfeld
  • Dick Cheney
  • Mitt Romney

They wear flag pins and called themselves patriots.  Yet when ‘Uncle Sam’ called them to serve, they found ways to get out of fighting in a war.   I’m sure there are more names to add to this list.

Let’s take a look at this war…

We fight differently these days.  Now the drones fly over our ‘enemies’ and someone thousands of miles away gives the command to fire off the smart bomb.   Without the close contact, our enemies are faceless and their deaths have less of an emotional impact on us.

I once had a soldier tell me that firing a gun at someone that is 100 yards away isn’t that difficult.  Killing someone with a knife is hard to do because it is up close and personal.  It’s hard to kill someone when you are looking in their eyes.

There’s no two ways about it.  War sucks.

Playing for Change:

Give me love my brother, give me love my sister, it’s just a kiss away.

Clinton Republican lies

Benghazi? Really?

What purpose was served by McCain’s, Graham’s, Johnson’s, and Paul’s interrogation of Hillary Clinton regarding when she knew that it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi?  Would the timing of this knowledge have changed the outcome?  No, it wouldn’t have.  Funding enough security forces could have possibly changed the outcome.  The Republicans in Congress refused to pay for more security and look what happened.  Instead of them pointing the finger at the real problem which is Republican budget cuts, they attacked Hillary Clinton.  Republicans can’t handle the truth.

And Rand Paul made a complete fool of himself.  Turkey???

Amendment Constitution

Sign the Petition


The above map shows southeast gerrymandered Pennsylvania.

SB361 has been reintroduced in the Pennsylvania Senate.  This is an amendment to the state Constitution and it changes the rules for redistricting.  It takes politics out of the process and defines the shape of districts.  You can read the amendment here.

(b) (1) The bureau shall acquire appropriate information,
review and evaluate available facilities and develop programs and procedures, which may include the use of mapping software, in preparation for drawing congressional and legislative redistricting plans on the basis of each Federal census.

And then there is this which clearly defines how a district is to drawn and what tool is to be used for redistricting.  It also indicates which tools cannot be used for redistricting.

(2)To the extent consistent with paragraph (1), district boundaries shall coincide with the boundaries of political subdivisions of this Commonwealth. The number of counties and cities divided among more than one district shall be as small as possible. When there is a choice between dividing local political subdivisions, the more populous subdivisions shall be divided before the less populous, but this statement does not apply to a legislative district boundary drawn along a county line which passes through a city that lies in more than one county.

(3) Districts shall be composed of convenient contiguous territory. Areas which meet only at the points of adjoining corners are not contiguous.

(4) It is preferable that districts be compact in form, but the standards established by paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) take precedence over compactness where a conflict arises between compactness and these standards. In general, compact districts are those which are square, rectangular or hexagonal in shape to the extent permitted by natural or political boundaries.

(5) Districts should represent communities of interest as reflected by common economic patterns of production and

consumption, school district boundaries, cultural activities, self-identification, media coverage and other relevant demographic information.

(6) However, no district shall be drawn for the purpose of favoring a political party, incumbent legislator or member of Congress or other person or group. In establishing districts, no use shall be made of any of the following data:

(i) Addresses of incumbent legislators or members of Congress.

(ii) Political affiliations of registered voters.

(iii) Previous election results.

You can sign the petition here.

May the citizens of Pennsylvania be heard!  Speak Up!  Contact your state Senator and let them know that you support this amendment.

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Tell It Like It Is, Nancy

Let’s make this video viral.

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No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

I went to a rally on Saturday.  It was held in front of the local office of Representative Jim Gerlach (R).  He represents the Pennsylvania 6th Congressional District.  Of course, neither Jim nor his staff were there as they don’t work on weekends.  The Republicans in Congress want us to work until we are 70 years old before we can collect our Social Security retirement money.  On the other hand, they only want to work 1/3 of the year and still collect full pay and full benefits.

Rep. Jim Gerlach was re-elected in November and that is because he tells his constituents that he is a “moderate”.  That’s bullsh*t.  He is a placeholder for Republican votes and he votes as he is told to vote by the House Speaker, John Boehner.  Gerlach voted to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid yet the local press was silent about his vote.  His opponent didn’t have much money and he had a large territory to cover to get name recognition.  The media area is the greater Philadelphia area which makes it expensive to advertise.  Rep. Jim Gerlach refused to debate his opponent because he didn’t want anyone to know anything about his opponent, Manan Trivedi.  As for town hall meetings, they are held via the telephone because Gerlach does not want to be confronted by unhappy constituents.  Yeah, I’ll say it.  Rep. Jim Gerlach is a coward.

Enough of my rambling.  Here is a picture of the poster that I was holding.  H/T to Outstandinginthefield for the wording and thank you to everyone else for your good ideas.  I will hold onto those for possible use at another time.

Live in your strength!

Republican lies

Mitt Romney – Survival by Tax Payer Money

Mitt Romney likes to say that “he can do that” or “that he can fix that” or “he fixed that in the past”.  This is always in relationship to the budget deficit.  Yet, it was tax payers money that saved Bain Capital not Mitt Romney.  He won’t talk about that.

Rolling Stone has the complete article which can be read here.


In fact, government documents on the bailout obtained by Rolling Stone show that the legend crafted by Romney is basically a lie. The federal records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that Romney’s initial rescue attempt at Bain & Company was actually a disaster – leaving the firm so financially strapped that it had “no value as a going concern.” Even worse, the federal bailout ultimately engineered by Romney screwed the FDIC – the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers – out of at least $10 million. And in an added insult, Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding his handout from the feds.

Read more:

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More on the War on Women…

The Republicans are waging a war on women.  They would like us to think that these attacks on women’s rights is about freedom of religion.  Well, I haven’t seen any government vehicles blocking the entrance to churches so we are still a nation that honors freedom of religion.

Here’s an interesting perspective of what is really happening to women “Get Your Government Hands Out of My Vagina”.   Yes, this may be about religion in the sense that the bible dictates that women are to be subservient to men.  Women are also the sinners that tempt men to sin.  The bible is filled with such stories.

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