Where’s the truth???

UPDATE – A Must Read Diary from Daily Kos.  Did John McCain knowingly leave POWs behind?


Last evening, I was doing phone banking. One of the people that I contacted was a Vietnam Vet. He told me that he would never vote for John McCain and then he proceeded to tell me all sorts of stories about McCain’s military history and how Vietnam Vets dislike John McCain. I will not repeat the stories because it is hearsay. Later in the evening, I did an Internet search on John McCain’s military history and Vietnam Veterans. I was amazed at all the different opinions and stories about John McCain and his time as a POW. John McCain tells us one story about his experience. Other former POWs tell a different story about John McCain’s experience. After all the reading, I was left with the question, “Who is telling the truth?”. Someone is lying.

For the past several months, I noticed that John McCain has been lying about some issues. Here’s a sample of a few things that John McCain has been saying along with some links to other websites and videos.

McCain Videos

Sarah Palin – McCain’s Cheney

I’ve posted a little something about this earlier. This is what Sarah Palin supports. This is animal abuse, pure and simple and anyone that abuses and disrespects animals, will also abuse and disrespect humans. Our values are determined by how we treat the other creatures that share this planet with us.

How much is it worth? It’s all about money. Only the elitist rich people can afford to hire a plane and shoot animals that have no place to hide.

Watch this video… if you can stomach it.

Sarah Palin has no moral values. She only cares about herself, having power and controlling others. Shooting wolves from airplanes is certainly about control over others. Shame on you Sarah Palin.

From Freedom Rebel at TheZoo:

Conservationists are right to be outraged by this state-sponsored program. But they shouldn’t blame the citizens of Alaska, who have twice shown that they detest their state’s actions. They can and should, however, blame the state’s political leadership, which infuriatingly continues to refuse to put the public interest above that of the special interests—even when it means recklessly and arrogantly disregarding the scientific evidence, ethics and voter decisions, all at once.

Let’s make this video viral. Americans have the right to know about this animal cruelty. No real hunter would ever shoot an animal from an airplane.


How much is it worth?

Mother Moose And Her Baby
Mother Moose And Her Baby

Sarah Palin and John McCain are no friends to the environment or wild life. They support hunting and shooting animals from low flying airplanes. That’s NOT hunting. This is what lazy and ignorant cowards with lots of money do. They don’t have the skills or the intelligence to hunt an animal. Real hunting takes patience and smarts. Just watch a cat outside stalking its prey. It takes its time, and is focused, and waits for the right moment. Shooting animals from an airplane only takes lots of money to pay for the flight. No real skills needed. Just focus the gun and pull the trigger. Anyone with vision can do that.

Last year, Mrs Palin proposed offering a bounty of $150 per wolf, as long as the hunter provided the wolf’s foreleg as proof of the kill. The measure did not pass. She even spent $400,000 on a state-funded campaign to block attempts to end the hunt.

Its not just wildlife conservationists who object. Many ordinary Alaskans also condemn the practice as barbaric. Trish Rolfe, who runs the Sierra Club’s Alaska office, thinks Governor Palin has been a disaster for Alaska’s environment. “The idea that she stands up to the oil companies is a joke,” she says.

“The governor pays lip service to the issue of global warming but denies it is man made. She will not even spend money to help the Inupiaq villages which are about to fall into the sea.”

To propose a bounty on an animal is inhumane. Sarah and John like to tell Americans that they have family values. Abuse and disrespect for animals is something that is learned at home. How someone treat animals is a good indication of how they treat people. This behavior goes hand and hand and you can’t separate the two. Abuse an animal, abuse a child, abuse a spouse… that’s NOT family values.

John McCain has proven that he, too, doesn’t care about the environment or the American people by choosing a running mate that has no respect for animals which means she has no respect for humans either. It’s all about money, power and control for both of them.

Artic Wolves
Arctic Wolves

As you can see in the photo, the arctic wolf survives in a difficult environment. Sarah Palin considers these animals pests that need to eliminated. Guess they stand in the way of her raping the environment for oil drilling, gas drilling and strip mining. Hey, a few animals gone here and there, so what. As long as her supporters and McCain’s supporters are making money, the environment and the wildlife don’t matter. This means that we Americans don’t matter either.