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Pennsylvania for Change was started in 2008 during the Pennsylvania primary.  The writers of this blog were Barack Obama supporters.  This Blog has been passed on to Peacehome Campaigns, an independent social/political operation committed to progressive social change.

Peacehome Campaigns is a private consulting group which brings together skilled professionals in support of these goals:

§  Resourcing and developing small to medium size non-profits that work for progressive  social change

§  Running campaigns for these non-profits and progressive candidates that stand for progressive ideals

§  Running our own campaigns as needed and as the opportunities allow


Founded in 2001, Peacehome Campaigns is the brainchild of David E Gibson, an organizer, fundraiser and activist with a 30 + year history working independently and on the staff of a wide variety of progressive non-profits. The issues Mr. Gibson has tackled have ranged from environmental safety and restoration (including clean air, clean water and natural sustainability) to advocacy and empowerment for the homeless, woman’s rights and international human rights efforts, to peace justice, anti-war and foreign policy concerns.

Mr. Gibson and his staff of professionals and young people have experience in research, fundraising, lobbying and direct action campaigning.

“The greatest offense is not knowing when enough is enough.” — Lao Tzu

We will be posting discussions, initiatives, campaigns and announcements of actions on issues of progressive social change.  The kinds of change that allows each and all to live lives of balanced freedom from oppression and to achieve their personal potential without encroaching on the rights of others.

We invite you to join the discussion and add to our ongoing efforts to change the planet and our society to one that respects the freedom and security of everyone — the people, the animals we share this planet with and the Eco-system that sustains us all…,.

This is a Blog for the 99%

Sincerely, David E Gibson,

Organizer, Activist and Father