The Anti American PAC

The National Republican Trust PAC is NOT TRUSTWORTHY and it is anti-American.  No true American would spread these type of lies.  They want Americans to stay afraid because this is the only way that they can control Americans and take away our rights and freedoms.  They hate freedom and they hate America.

From Newsweek and Factcheck

An upstart group calling itself the “National Republican Trust PAC” mixes a pile of false claims and the image of 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta to create one of the sleaziest false TV ads of the campaign.

The spot falsely claims Obama has a “plan” to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. In fact, Obama has said quite specifically, “I am not proposing that that’s what we do.”

The ad implies such licenses would enable terrorist attacks. In fact, Atta wouldn’t have needed one to carry out his attacks.

It claims that Obama’s health care plan will apply to illegal immigrants. But Obama has stated quite clearly that his plan “does not” cover illegal immigrants.

The ad falsely claims that Obama’s plan “gives illegals Social Security benefits,” which is also flatly untrue.

The National Republican Trust PAC is headed by a former writer for Sun Myung Moon’s magazine.  John McCain and Sarah Palin like to attack associations.  In that case, the very fact that the NRT PAC is associated with Sun Myung Moon, who is an anti Constitution, makes the NRT PAC anti Constitution.

Lies, lies and more lies is all they have.  Shame on John McCain.  He said that he was going to run an honorable and respectful campaign.  I’m still waiting to see that campaign because the one that he is running is filled with hate and lies and division.  We need an united nation if we are to survive this economic crisis.  If we are divided, then our economy will continue to go down the tubes.  The world is looking to US to make the smart choice on November 4.  We need a president who thinks before he acts.  That candidate is Barack Obama.


Where’s the truth???

UPDATE – A Must Read Diary from Daily Kos.  Did John McCain knowingly leave POWs behind?


Last evening, I was doing phone banking. One of the people that I contacted was a Vietnam Vet. He told me that he would never vote for John McCain and then he proceeded to tell me all sorts of stories about McCain’s military history and how Vietnam Vets dislike John McCain. I will not repeat the stories because it is hearsay. Later in the evening, I did an Internet search on John McCain’s military history and Vietnam Veterans. I was amazed at all the different opinions and stories about John McCain and his time as a POW. John McCain tells us one story about his experience. Other former POWs tell a different story about John McCain’s experience. After all the reading, I was left with the question, “Who is telling the truth?”. Someone is lying.

For the past several months, I noticed that John McCain has been lying about some issues. Here’s a sample of a few things that John McCain has been saying along with some links to other websites and videos.