Governor Ed Rendell is at it again…

Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

There is no stopping Governor Ed Rendell when he is on a mission. This is what he has to say about the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin also known as the Republican Trojan Horse.

“She [claims to be] a reformer,” said the Pennsylvania Democrat. “And yet she is being investigated on the charge that she used her power as governor to fire someone who was going through a messy divorce with a relative of hers. Could you imagine if I was doing the same thing in Pennsylvania? You would be calling for my impeachment.”

“[The McCain camp] has tried to again obscure the facts about Gov. Palin. ‘She is a reformer and against earmarks.’ No she isn’t, when she was mayor of that town she hired a lobbyist to get earmarks… ‘She was against the bridge to nowhere.’ No she wasn’t. She was for the bridge to nowhere first… She is a budget balancer. But she left the town in greater debt then when she became mayor, so she is not a budget balancer.”

“I like her,” Rendell concluded. “She is a good person, she has tremendous potential but in no way shape or form is she ready to be president of the United States.”

“First of all, let me say it should be embarrassing for the Republican ticket that Rick Davis, Sen. McCain’s campaign manager, said ‘this election is not about issues.’ Good lord, with all the challenges facing America it has to be about issues…They don’t want to talk about issues because when the truth comes out about issues the American people will favor Sen. Obama tremendously.”

Read the complete story at Huffinton Post.

2 replies on “Governor Ed Rendell is at it again…”

“This election is not about issues”. I think McCain has made that abundantly clear. We got that from watching the RNC last week. It was all about personality and being a war celebrity. How exactly is the fact you were a POW going to help the economy, John?… Oh sorry, that was an issues question.

Good point, Bruce. Exactly how is McCain’s POW status as POW going to improve the economy or provide health care etc… hey, that’s a good idea for a thread. Go for it, Bruce.

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