President Weekly Address

President Obama’s Weekly Address March 6, 2009

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

3 replies on “President Obama’s Weekly Address March 6, 2009”

Hi Cat’s,
Hope you did something on your birthday. Mine was the day before yours. Been so many it’s just another day it seems.

Have to ask about your handle. One Fly is because I use just one fly and catch a lot of fish from early on till late in the season. I may have to change tactics as the numbers haven’t been there lately. It’s a knock on the purists and the rich with all their gear. What about Cat’s r Flyfish’in.

Best to ya, tb

Hi – One Fly… Belated happy birthday to you.

I took up fly fishing after watching A River Runs Through It. At the end of movie, I got the Zen Moment about fly fishing so I went to the fly fishing store, took a 1/2 hr lesson, bought the equipment and the rest is history. Fortunately, my husband has been fly fishing for at least 30 years so he taught me many things about streams. I, too, only fish with one fly. That’s about all I can manage. We catch and release and many times, I don’t even catch 🙂 anything.

As for the cats, well, I have 4 cats which is really 2 too many. I’m told that I am a cat whisperer. I combined two things that I like to create my name. That was 4.5 years ago. Got involved with blogging at that time starting at Crooks and Liars. My how time flies. Thanks for stopping. I really like your blog and I’m looking forward to visiting CO again someday.

Hi Cat’s,
I like your place as well. Sometimes I don’t catch any either but that’s okay. I’ve caught so many it just ain’t the end of the world. The point I forgot to make before is that this sport does not reqire rocket science and can be done fairly cheap.

The fly I use is the Royal Wulff but when fishing in deeper water do use a dropper at times and that is a pheasant tailed bead head nymph.

My bud and I swear the last two years on the Colorado River the fish just aren’t rising like they used to and we don’t catch near as many. Now I don’t live near as close as I used to but am looking forward to fishing the other rivers here. The Yampa is right out my back door but haven’t been yet but soon.

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