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Where Is Their Courage? – UPDATED

Where is the courage of the Tea Party members?  Today, I witnessed them first hand as they displayed signs attacking “illegal immigrants” and President Obama in front of a suburban shopping center located in a high rent district.  It’s easy to set up shop in a mostly white, middle to upper class neighborhood.  No one would approach them in this safe location.   What I want to know is when will they be setting up their protest in Reading, particularly in the south side of Reading or maybe north Philadelphia?  Those would be perfect neighborhoods for protesting illegals.  Or are they afraid that maybe a legal immigrant or American born Hispanic will approach them using the second amendment solution?

The Tea Party members are cowards.  All they know how to do is be rude by shouting in people’s faces.   Losers, everyone of them.  And did I mention, that the group of about 6 were all old, white people?  It is going to be difficult for them when the small government that they so desire strips them of their Social Security and Medicare.

Having a black man sitting in what they perceive as their whites only house really disturbs them.  It brings out all the cowards that having been hiding behind closed doors.

UPDATE:  This describes exactly the cowards that I saw at this protest.

And in case you are wondering, when we drove past these tea partiers, I rolled down the window and shouted, “Get a job, you lazy bums.”

You betcha, it’s racism…,-so-naturally-Palin-Calls-for-Apologyto-The-Tea-Party

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

15 replies on “Where Is Their Courage? – UPDATED”

Yes it is all that. What I find interesting is how they get older people who have never questioned before so fired up.

Caught a couple dinky ones today.

As we drove past these teabaggers, I did tell them to “get a job”. They responded, “Keep the Government hands off of my Social Security and Disability.”

Now lets see–The Tea Party had to do with a tax to King George. Now its a tax by King Barrack. Also that flag they fly with the snake on it! Its the Battle flag of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps when we fighting the great King and Just like now many fat dumb and happy folks didn’t want to break away because their King would take care of them.

There is nothing that I can add to your stupid remark other than you didn’t care when King George W. Bush was wasting our money. It’s only since a black man took office that there are all kinds of issues. You are just another fat old racist.

You are full of poop. President Obama LOWERED our taxes. Just goes to show you that you are part of the liars club. Get a job, if your Republican friends can provide one for you.

You should be very cautious about throwing around words like “racist”:

Do you have any evidence or particular reason to believe that Bill Porupsky is a racist? Is it not more likely that he is simply Republican and would have reacted the same way had Hillary (or any other Democrat) been elected and made the same decisions?

Bill Porupsky’s words speak for themselves. This is the rhetoric that is thrown around by people like Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck does not hide his racism. How can one argue that President Obama raised taxes when the facts are that he lowered taxes for 95% of the population.

And btw, some of the tea bag wearers are Democrats and Independents so I don’t know if Bill is a Republican or just a racist. Are you a racist, too? Unless you can prove me wrong, then the Tea Party is filled with racists. Just look at the signs that they carry and the statement “I want my country back” is a point blank racist statement. If anyone has the right to say “I want my country back”, it is the native Americans. We are all illegals.

CrF, your statements simply do hold up with the evidence at hand:

Bill’s statements may speak for themselves, but what they say have nothing to do with racism. Even if Glenn Beck is racist (something I cannot judge), a mere similarity in argumentative style is not a sign of identity of opinion.

“I want my country back” need not have anything to do with racism, but can easily refer to e.g. ideology and principles of society. Under no circumstances can it legitimately be called “point blank racist”.

Concerning “Unless you can prove me wrong, then the Tea Party is filled with racists”: It is your job to prove the statements you make, not my job to refute them.


As for being cautious, even if you are legally entitled to making some statements, it does not follow that you should do so: There are other factors to consider, notably respect for other debaters, intellectual honesty, and the risk for yourself of looking like a jack-ass.

I can’t look any more like a jack-ass than a tea party member does and I am free to express my opinion just like I allowed you to speak yours. You sound extremely sensitive to the word “racism”. Perhaps you are protesting TOO much.

Yes, my statements do hold up. As far as proving that the Tea Party is filled with racists, just look at the posters at their rallies. I’m not going to link to these because any Google search will provide images for you.

Here, listen to this…

You are beginning to sound like a “troll” and by your foreign email address, I can understand why you can’t judge Glenn Beck.

I am done with this conversation. If you continue to trash me with your comments, then I will unapprove your statements.

My interest in this issue is with questions like intellectual honesty and fair argumentation methods—as you can see from my ongoing article series on this topic. In particular, I am currently writing a lenghty entry on the abuse of words like “racist”—an abuse posing a significant problem.

Your last comment (including unwarranted accusations of bashing and trolling, threat of deletion of comments, and baseless implications that I am a racist) has earned you your own entry in this article series (upcoming).

Should you use this comment as a pre-text to delete preceding comments, then I will make very sure to mention this fact—and to republish this discussion on my own blog.

Well, Michael, I just read your link. I’m not sure “racism” holds the same meaning in Sweden as it does in the US. You mention the Swedish left and I don’t know the politics of Sweden so I can’t comment on your post. I think I understand what you are trying to do. What I don’t think that I will ever be able to completely comprehend is racism in Sweden. I do understand racism in the US. Not sure if the comparison would be a fair one. The history of hatred in this country goes back several hundred years. It started with the criminals that were left out of prison and sent here and who violently displaced the Native Americans. And then there was the “slave trade”. There are Americans that have never moved past slavery. As a matter of fact, there are still pockets in this country that hate our Government and are still fighting the Civil War.

Good luck to you on your quest to define racism.

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