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President’s Weekly Address – June 11, 2010

Will Republicans deny Seniors health care?  Will Republicans deny fair payment to doctors?  Probably.  If it’s not Wall Street, big banks or oil/gas companies, then Republicans don’t care.  You must be rich enough to get Republican support.

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Weekly Address – January 16, 2010

President Obama wants the banks to pay back the taxpayer.  That’s a good thing.  Will the Tea Party agree with the President or are they hypocrites that only complain about the Wall Street bailout and the deficit and still turn their backs on our President even when he does what they want him to do?  Which one is it?  I’m not convinced that the Tea Party members really know their history.  They could be acting on a fantasy especially if they relied on the common history books that were used in public schools as their source for information.

Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate, Republican Scott Brown who is supported by the Tea Party and Wall Street banks and other outsiders, opposes fees on banks that would payback the taxpayers.

Another thing, Scott Brown says that he will vote to repeal health care reform.  Be aware, this repeal INCLUDES doing away with Medicare.

Health Care

President’s Weekly Address – Oct 17 2009

President Obama speaks truth to the health insurance monopolies industry.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address – 18 April 2009

Mr. Smith goes to Washington… yeah!

No more sacred cows.

President Weekly Address

President Obama’s Weekly Address: March 14, 2009

Our President speaks to American’s food safety.

What a great President we have. The United States is lucky to have found a leader with the high standards and integrity of President Barack Obama.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: Feb 14, 2009

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The President’s Weekly Address: 2-07-2009