Just say no…

John McCain is suggesting that negotiations for taking water from the Colorado river be open for discussion. He wants to steal more water from the mountain State of Colorado.

From an email:

Dear Neighbor,

When Sen. John McCain came to Colorado last week, he proved one more time that he doesn’t understand Colorado or the issues we care about. To put it simply, he’s missing the boat on water.

Talking to the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper, McCain said the Colorado River Compact “obviously needs to be renegotiated.” (Pueblo Chieftain, Aug. 15) He wants to take water from Colorado to deliver more to his home state of Arizona.

Senator Ken Salazar wasted no time responding. “Over my dead body,” he said. What McCain proposed flies in the face of decades of hard-won negotiations, which resulted in an agreement reached just last year that protects Colorado’s water rights from exploding sprawl in downstream states like Arizona.

The Denver Post denounced McCain’s attack on Colorado’s water rights, saying “McCain’s comments were…not only political poison in Colorado, they displayed a disturbing ignorance of the realities of the West’s scarce water resources. To say Westerners are disappointed in McCain would be an understatement.” (Denver Post, Aug. 19)

Click the link below: tell McCain to keep his hands off our water.

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Thank you,

Michael Huttner