Pennsylvanians Listen Up

When your driving around, you will notice that there are several McCain/Palin signs or just Palin signs on peoples lawns.  Where are all the Obama signs?  Well, if you don’t have the Obama/Biden sign nailed to a fence or tree or close to your house, a Republican will steal it.  For some strange reason, these Republicans think that if an Obama/Biden sign isn’t present, people won’t vote for Obama.  Stupid fools.  What the Republicans aren’t telling you is that the McCain/Palin signs were handed out to all the Republicans that promised to vote for McCain/Palin.  All the other houses without signs are voting for Obama/Biden and the number of houses without signs far exceeds the number of houses with McCain/Palin signs.


Volunteer or donate or do both, help get out the vote on November 4, 2008.  The Obama campaign is really the people’s campaign.

Get up, get moving.

Barack Obama Videos

Fired Up and Ready to Go

One voice can change a room… many voices can change our nation and our world.

VOLUNTEER, let’s make it happen. Yes, we can.