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Specter Town Hall Lebanon

Yesterday, Senator Arlen Specter held a town hall in Lebanon, PA.  Of course, the “screamers” were there to complain with the “talking points” that were handed to them.  The New York Times reports on this event.  Evidently, the Union members that arrived were told to get to the back of the line.  What caught my attention was this comment by John Stahl of the Berks County Tea Party.

John Stahl, chairman of the Berks County Tea Party, a local branch of conservatives, was one of those who helped recruit opponents of change to the event. A former truck salesman, Mr. Stahl, 65, said he was laid off about 18 months ago. Since May, his group has organized four protests in the state opposing taxes and the stimulus plan, but none have attracted the crowds like health care, he said.

“We believe there are several issues out there that leave the existence of the Republic at risk,” he added, “not the least of which is this Obamacare.”

John Stahl has his government run health care, Medicare, and he is so greedy that he doesn’t want other Americans younger then him to have the same opportunity for affordable health care.  If you take a close look at many of these screaming teabaggers, you will notice that they are of the age where they are receiving Medicare.

As a matter of fact, one woman, age 81, told President Obama that she didn’t want government run health care.  Now what exactly did she think her Medicare is?  Who is paying for her health care now?  We are, collectively, and we deserve the same opportunity for quality, affordable health care.  The Gecko said no to Glenn Beck and his propaganda and we need to say no to the screaming teabaggers that are trying to destroy our country.  And boycott Whole Foods.

One more thing… read about George W. Bush’s death panel.

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The DNC Speaks The Truth To Mobs

This is speaking the truth to the borderline violent mobs that are instructed to disrupt town halls by the GOP.  These are the same crazies that yelled “kill him” during the campaign in 2008.  With so many States granting concealed weapons permits, I’m worried that it won’t be long until someone opens fire at one of these town halls.