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Al The Shoesalesman Gets A Tax Cut – UPDATE

Check it out… even Al Bundy gets a tax cut.


Here’s another tax calculator:

Compare McCains Tax Plan with Obamas Tax Relief
Compare McCain's Tax Plan with Obama's Tax Relief
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Barack Obama and Joe Biden Economic Plan

John McCain has reminded us over and over again, that he is weak on the economy. Now he says that it is greedy Wall Street, you know, the Wall Street that he votes to protect by keeping it deregulated, that is causing our economic problems and he will put a stop to it if elected. That would mean that John McCain will be biting the hand that feeds him. Doubt that he would do that.

John McCain also praises the American worker. That is a great point, if you have a job. If you are one of the 6.3% of Americans that had to file a claim for unemployment insurance or the one of the other millions of Americans looking for work, you are probably scratching you head and wondering “why isn’t someone hiring me? I’m one of the ‘fundamentals’ that are strong in America? Fundamentals don’t put food on the table nor does it pay the mortgage or rent if you don’t have a job. It’s easy for McCain to make this statement because he has 9 houses and a millionaire wife. He can’t relate.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a real plan that will bring jobs back to this country and get Americans working again.

Read the complete plan at

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It’s the Economy Stupid

Barack Obama’s speech in Golden CO September 16, 2008


John McCain Raise’s Taxes

The McCain/Palin Health Care Plan will raise taxes on Pennsylvanians health care benefits.

Thank you to The Keystone Progressive for sharing this message. Every Pennsylvanian should know about the McCain/Palin Plan. I’m sure there are similar plans for all the rest of the 49 States. Remember one thing, John McCain and Sarah Palin’s health insurance is paid for by the tax payers so this health care plan won’t impact them.

For Immediate Release
September 8, 2008

Adam Jentleson, 202.682.1611

RELEASE: The McCain-Palin Plan For Pennsylvania

With Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin set to appear in Lancaster tomorrow, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released two new analyses of the impact of their plans on Pennsylvania.

WASHINGTON,DC—A new report, John McCain’s Radical Health Care Agenda, describes the consequences of McCain’s health care plan for Pennsylvania. Millions of Pennsylvanians could lose the coverage they get from their jobs, forcing them to shop for health coverage in a deregulated insurance market stripped of consumer protections. Many Pennsylvanians with health problems, such as cancer or diabetes, would find it particularly difficult or even impossible to find adequate coverage. Millions of Pennsylvania families, and more and more Pennsylvania families over time, would pay higher taxes on health premiums.

A new fact sheet, The McCain-Palin Plan for Pennsylvania by the Numbers, provides a by-the-numbers examination of what their agenda will mean for the citizens of Pennsylvania:

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Don’t let them insult your intelligence

Just where is the “straight talk”?

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Three Fridays, three false attack ads

John McCain doesn’t want us to know the truth. He has no plan to reduce taxes for the middle class. McCain wants to keep the tax breaks for the rich, like himself and his wife and continue giving tax breaks to corporations for sending jobs overseas. Yes, the lobbyist love John McCain. He will give them everything that they ask for and we, the working poor and middle class will get nothing. We will continue paying more for goods and worrying more about keeping our jobs while the rich, including the McCains will be smiling all the way to their off shore tax shelters.

Celebrities don’t have to worry about their family budgets, but the middle class and the poor do. And John McCain has nothing to offer us.

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Three Bedroom Ranch

I’m liking that tax break for the middle class. It’s about time a President cares about us instead of their corporate friends.

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A Tax Break for the Middle Class

Now that is a novel idea. It’s about time that someone making less than $250,000/year gets a tax break and senior citizens making less than $40,000/year pay NO income tax. Barack Obama tax relief plan will even provide small businesses that make less than $250,000/year with tax breaks including capital gains tax relief.

John McCain is just like George W Bush. Never tells the truth. Maybe it’s because they both listen to traitor Karl Rove.

Here’s the facts:

Now that a tax plan that I can live with and so can most people that I know. People with the wealth of John McCain and George W Bush don’t need more tax breaks. They had their turn and our economy went down the tubes.

(thanks to Paulette at Let Us Talk)

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