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Currently, I live in a small community, population approximately 3000 people give or take a few hundred. I also lived in big cities like Philadelphia and Boston and a medium size city like Reading.

What I learned is that there is very little difference between the people from a small town and a large city. In both places, some people attend churches and some people don’t; some people own guns and some people don’t; some people take care of their health and some people don’t; some teenagers have premarital sex and some teenagers don’t; some residents are heterosexual and some residents aren’t; some people are kind and caring and some people are mean and nasty; some people have loving families and some people suffer abuse from a family member; some people are honest and some people lie; some people pay taxes and some people make fraudulent insurance claims; some people have pets and some people don’t; and some people volunteer and some people don’t.

Republicans don’t own small towns. Democrats don’t own small towns. The same is true for large cities.

There are some things that all these people do. Everyone breathes the air, everyone needs clean water, everyone needs safe food to eat and everyone must eliminate waste materials from their bodies. You see, small town, big town, it doesn’t matter. We are all the same.

Republicans at their convention spoke of divisiveness between Liberals and Conservatives. Barack Obama says “There are no Red States and there are no Blue States. There is only the United States of America.” In Wisconsin and at the Republican Convention, John McCain and Sarah Palin make it sound like they only care about “small towns”. How about caring for all Americans? That would be a novel idea for Republicans.

McCain Republicans

Republican Haters Ball

(h/t to MsJ at TheZoo and to Crooks and Liars) This tells it like it is.

Hey Christian churches, you know, those of you who do community work. John McCain’s Republican party thinks you are a joke. They laughed at you at their Convention. They think your work has little value. And all this from the party of values. Ha!

Joe Biden

Ready On Day One

Joe Biden IS ready on day one. John McCain’s choice for VP has to be sequestered for two weeks and sheltered from the press because they know they made a mistake.


Sarah Palin Goes Into Hiding

OMG – Sarah Palin is not ready on Day One! The McCain campaign is sequestering her away from the press because they are afraid she may make a mistake. Too late for that. John S. McCain may have already made a mistake by picking someone with no knowledge of our national government except when it comes to asking for pork barrel handouts.

Republicans are such cowards. Picking someone with little education and little experience is an insult to the American people. Shame on you, John McCain. You need to take off your “It’s all about me John McCain” hat and put on your American hat.

And Joe Biden, IS READY ON DAY ONE. Check out our man of confidence.

UPDATE: In John McCain’s own words…

“Change is coming, change is coming, and with her there we will restore our strength and the prosperity of this great nation,” Mr. McCain, with Ms. Palin at his side, told a roaring crowd of thousands in Cedarburg, Wis., a small town in a solidly Republican swath outside Milwaukee.

Oh really? Not if Sarah Palin is placed in hiding away from the press. That’s not change we can believe in. It’s hiding McCain’s running mate because he is now uncertain of his choice and knows that she is NOT READY TO LEAD.


Sarah Palin – 2006 Research Report

A very special thanks to Berks for Obama member Jill, for sending this interesting document to the Berks for Obama members. You don’t want to miss this. This is a Democratic research document from 2006.

Palin Says She’s a Change from The Scandal-Plagued Republicans, But She’s More of the Same.

Palin built her reputation on criticizing state Republicans for ethics questions, but Palin has questions of her own, as she used city resources when she campaigned for Lt. Governor; Palin chaired the campaign of another candidate in a race dominated by resource issues when she was on the oil and gas commission and said that she saw no conflict of interest. For years, Palin supported Murkowski, campaigning for him across the state, and he supported her campaigns as well.

Palin Touts Fiscal Conservatism, But She Increased Spending Tremendously and Supported Tax Increases.

Palin constantly reminds us that she is a fiscal conservative. But during her time as mayor, she increased the city’s budget at a rate far outpacing the city’s growth with spending on large projects. She supported sales tax increases and left the city with thousands in per-capita debt, where none had existed when she came in. Palin brags about eliminating the personal property tax, but with the same legislation, the city increased motor vehicle fees that almost matched the lost income of the personal property taxes.

Palin Is Too Socially Conservative for Libertarian Alaska.

Palin is a strong conservative-something she repeated throughout her primary campaign but now seems to try to back off from. She is not only pro-life but is involved with-and even steered tax money toward organizations that give misleading information on abortion. She called herself a “hard-core fiscal conservative” who wanted government to get to the bare bones. The Anchorage Daily News asked whether her “socially conservative positions square with Alaska’s generally libertarian approach to those issues.” Palin also supported a flat tax, an idea even Bob Dole thought was absurd.

Palin’s Management Style is to Bully and Demand Political Loyalty.

Palin’s tenure as mayor of Wasilla was marred by tremendous staff turnover, first when she fired most of the top staff-including the city’s librarian-because she questioned their loyalty, and then later when staff quit because of her micromanaging style. Wasilla even lost the opportunity to hire a police chief because he said the job seemed too political.

Palin’s Not Ready for Primetime.

Palin argues that she was the mayor of the fastest growing city in Alaska. While that may be true, Wasilla’s population is still 1 percent of the rest of the state of Alaska. The last budget Palin approved, $12.5 million, is .2 percent of the $7.3 billion budget Tony Knowles approved.

Palin’s Not Tough Enough to Be A Strong Negotiator for Alaska. As mayor, Palin fired someone because she said he intimidated her with his size and because he gave her a “stern look.” She asked her department heads to give her only good news and once complained because we are so desperate in Alaska for any semblance of glamour and culture.”

The complete research paper is 63 pages long and can be found at

If the Busholinis loved George W. Bush, they are going to go “hog wild” over Sarah Palin.

Americans deserve better than this. We had enough of the past 8 years of incompetence. We don’t need four more years of failed policies which John McCain and Sarah Palin are promising to give us. In John McCain’s acceptance speech, his favorite word was “fight”. Poor John S. McCain. He is still fighting the Vietnam War. My advice to him is to “let it go, John. Just let it go. It’s 2008. We left this war many years ago.”


Fear and Doubt

I found these quotes on MSNBC. Last night, some Republican delegates were asked how they would feel if Barack Obama won the Presidency. Here are two quotations along with my thoughts on these comments.

Fear, fear and more fear…

“My major concern is national security: I’ve got six granddaughters and a grandson. I want them to be absolutely safe in this country and to have the same freedom I’ve experienced,” said Rex Early, an Indianapolis insurance agency owner.

“We just don’t know enough about him,” complained Early about Obama.

The first quotation is absolute nonsense. Just the other day, a person drove through northwest Washington State randomly shooting at people and killing five people. Every one of those people felt safe when they left their house that morning. Instead, they were met with an American terrorist. We don’t have to worry about terrorists coming over here from other countries. We already have our own home grown terrorists. Need I mention Columbine and Virginia Tech? Every one of those shooters wanted to terrorize their victims. It doesn’t matter who’s bullet or bomb or poison kills you, dead is dead. And George W Bush didn’t do a damn thing to protect these people from the terrorists and I don’t know if he could have. The point is, stop looking over there and shaking in your boots when you can’t even control what’s already over here. My chances of being killed by another American right here, in this country, are a lot greater than getting killed by some foreign terrorist.

The second quotation sounds like covert racism. It can’t be anything else because we know a great deal more about Barack Obama than we do about Sarah Palin who would be one heartbeat away from being the President if John McCain gets elected. Besides, Barack Obama has more national experience and more education than Sarah Palin. No, this person was trying to hide the fact that he is afraid of having a “black” person become President. This really gets my blood boiling and I could say a lot more about it, but I will refrain myself at this time.

What is all comes down to is nothing but talking points from the Republicans. There are no new ideas or new solutions. They keep saying and doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. That’s known as stupidity and if you believe John McCain will bring a new tomorrow, then you are just as foolish.


McCain – Stop demeaning the nation’s volunteers

Last night, Sarah Palin speaking on behalf of the McCain campaign as his running mate, insulted the community organizers and the volunteers of America. If it wasn’t for community organizers and volunteers, there would be no Red Cross, there would be no Lions Club, there would be no volunteers to serve meals for the popular “Meals on Wheels” program, there would be no one to feed the homeless or provide safe shelter for the homeless, there would be no one helping as an assistant in special education classes that provide services to Down’s Syndrome children and there would be no one to help people pull their lives back together after a tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina. Criticizing community organizers is NOT wearing an American hat. That is wearing the Republican Party hat. Sarah Palin must have lost her American hat when she was speaking at the Republican Convention.

From Mike @ the Keystone Progressive:

If you appreciate the tireless and sometimes thankless work of these agents of democracy, please do two things:
• 1) Go to: and demand that McCain and Palin apologize to the dedicated present and former community organizers around the nation;
• 2) Send this to everyone you know and ask them to sign on.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The Keystone Progress Team

The Text of the message:

We are community organizers. We work to bring together neighbors in communities across America to solve our common problems and to make life better for our families. We work in small towns and the inner cities. We work in every state of the Union, from Maine to California to Alaska.

We are community organizers. We build neighborhood organizations that work for the common good. We teach people to act as part of a community, using their shared American values. We help people recognize the power of living in a democracy, where acting together can effect real changes.

Community organizers help to build strong neighborhood institutions, fight against injustice, develop new leaders, create community-based solutions and strengthen existing structures.

It is a serious job that requires the trust of our community, because we have real responsibilities that impact the daily lives of our neighbors.

We are community organizers and their supporters. We are proud of the work that community organizers do. And we are offended by the insults hurled at us by the McCain-Palin team. We demand that John McCain and Sarah Palin personally apologize for the demeaning attacks on the important work that we do to strengthen our communities and our great nation.

You don’t need to be from Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, to participate in this.

Shame on you John McCain.

Psssttt… sign it and then pass it on 🙂

McCain Vice President Videos

Community Organizers

Roland Martin had this to say about Palin’s speech.

Typical of the Republican party to trash other people. They are such ELITIST.

Elections McCain

I know Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is No Hillary Clinton

Elections Politics


Not fully vetted by the McCain campaign. This is a true act of desperation by the McCain campaign.

Since I’m on a mini vacation and only have occasionally Internet access, I don’t have the time to fully cover this story. There are several blogs that I can recommend and I will provide the links.

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