Animal cruelty

Stop the Killing Fields

Pennsylvania is the only state in the country where live pigeon shoots are still practiced openly and Berks County is where most of them take place. These shoots are held just like clay shoots except live pigeons are launched in the air from traps and shot from 30 yards away. More of these animals are wounded than killed outright. This year, you can help bring these barbaric, cruel events to an end – and prevent tens of thousands of birds from horrendous suffering and cruel deaths. We are very close to ending live pigeon shoots by passing a bill to outlaw this practice in the Pennsylvania legislature. Every “yes” vote will count. Each year, support grows in the legislature to end this practice, and we must make this our year! The difference will be constituent pressure from people like you.

Please send an email or letter to your state representative and state senator asking him/her to support legislation to prohibit live pigeon and other live animal target shoots. If you don’t know your representative or senator or how to contact them – just go to

For more information on pigeon shoots and what you can do to help end this cruelty, see: OR

Interested in knowing more or getting involved in promoting the legislation which will finally bring live pigeon shoots to an end? Contact Heidi Prescott at The legislative process may be confusing at times, and she will be happy to help you figure out who your legislators are and will send you contact information also.

This is a great opportunity for each one of us to stop a cruel practice that is happening right in our backyards! Please take action. Also, we are tracking the responses of legislators, so please send any feedback you get to Most legislators will respond fairly quickly to e-mails.

Thanks again for your help.

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