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John McCain, more of the same.  His economic plan is to “stop government spending”.  Hello, it’s not government spending that created this downward spiral on Wall Street.  It’s the deregulation that, Phil Graham,  McCain’s economic adviser put into place back in the 1990’s.  Yeah, McCain’s friend George W Bush wants Main Street to give him a blank check.  Why?  So he can run off to Paraguay with our money in January 09?  I’ve said it before and I will say it again… NEVER TRUST A REPUBLICAN WITH YOUR MONEY.  HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLET WHEN A REPUBLICAN TALKS ABOUT “CHANGE” BECAUSE IT WILL COST YOUR MORE MONEY.

What the news is not talking about is that small banks are doing just fine.

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My goodness, this UBS scandal and all these rich people that avoided paying taxes to the US Government keeps getting more and more interesting.

Here’s an update from Australia. Would this be the real reason that Phil Graham has divorced himself from John McCain’s campaign.

“We have decided to exit entirely the business in question,” he said of questionable banking services for US residents. “That means UBS will no longer provide offshore banking or security services to US residents through our bank branches.”

But he also announced that UBS was now working with the US Government to “identify the names of US clients who may have engaged in tax fraud”.

How much US press will this issue get? My guess is very little.

Here’s a link to the original article as it appeared on Pennsylvania for Change.

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“America Already Has Dr. Phil”

Barack Obama’s response to Phil Graham…