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Saw this group, The Asylum Street Spankers… If you get the chance, see this group.

A bonus..

And then there is this….

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Darn… I Missed This

We must always remember and protect our freedom.  Nixon wanted a totalitarian state and so did Dick Cheney.  No surprise considering that Cheney admired Nixon and has held a grudge against Americans ever since Nixon resigned (in shame).

Kent State…

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Some Gypsy Jazz

John Jorgenson


What Else Could A Poor Boy Do?

Feeling a bit down in the dumps today so I am going to post something by one of my favorite groups, Uncle Earl.

Nothing like Olde Tyme music and Bluegrass to put a smile on a face    🙂

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Corn Bread and Butter Beans

By the Carolina Chocolate Drops…

… yes, love again all over.


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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2009

There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama

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Thursday Night’s Music – Power Animals

Earth Drum – Power Animals by David Gordon and Steve Gordon

We could all use a little healing about now and animal totems will help guide us.

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The New Lang Syne 2008

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Monday Night Music with Jeffrey Gaines

Yeah, that’s right.  Philadelphia’s own, Jeffrey Gaines will be appearing live at The Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville, PA on Saturday, January 2, 2009.

In Your Eyes

Bill Richardson Music Videos


I was originally a Bill Richardson for President supporter and I still like Bill.  To me, he was the most obvious choice for Secretary of State.  Hillary Clinton would have made an outstanding Attorney General.  But, hey, Barack didn’t call me and ask for my advice so his choices are what they are.

I believe that Bill Richardson will do an excellent  job as Secretary of the Interior.  He is fluid in both English and Spanish and it is about time that the US reaches out to its southern neighbors in South America.  We need better trading partners than China.

So for nostalgia’s sake, here’s a little song about Bill Richardson and change.