John McCain Raise’s Taxes

The McCain/Palin Health Care Plan will raise taxes on Pennsylvanians health care benefits.

Thank you to The Keystone Progressive for sharing this message. Every Pennsylvanian should know about the McCain/Palin Plan. I’m sure there are similar plans for all the rest of the 49 States. Remember one thing, John McCain and Sarah Palin’s health insurance is paid for by the tax payers so this health care plan won’t impact them.

For Immediate Release
September 8, 2008

Adam Jentleson, 202.682.1611

RELEASE: The McCain-Palin Plan For Pennsylvania

With Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin set to appear in Lancaster tomorrow, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released two new analyses of the impact of their plans on Pennsylvania.

WASHINGTON,DC—A new report, John McCain’s Radical Health Care Agenda, describes the consequences of McCain’s health care plan for Pennsylvania. Millions of Pennsylvanians could lose the coverage they get from their jobs, forcing them to shop for health coverage in a deregulated insurance market stripped of consumer protections. Many Pennsylvanians with health problems, such as cancer or diabetes, would find it particularly difficult or even impossible to find adequate coverage. Millions of Pennsylvania families, and more and more Pennsylvania families over time, would pay higher taxes on health premiums.

A new fact sheet, The McCain-Palin Plan for Pennsylvania by the Numbers, provides a by-the-numbers examination of what their agenda will mean for the citizens of Pennsylvania: