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Pennsylvanians Beware, Karl Rove is Coming to Our State

It looks like Arlen Specter is at it again.  Back in 1991, he attacked Anita Hill by attempting to make it appear that she was committing perjury when she testified that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her on the job.  I remember this very well and I remember she was questioned as to why she waited so long before making this claim of sexual harassment.  Even my husband questioned this gap in time.  It was then that I proceeded to tell him about my own experiences with sexual harassment at past jobs.  After hearing my stories, he was shocked and then he understood that it is difficult for a woman to speak up about this issue because way back then, the people in authority would not listen to the woman and would defend the perpetrator who was usually in a management position.

Now, Arlen is preparing for his run for re-election in 2010 and he is already using Karl Rove tactics in his attack on Eric Holder.  What the press isn’t talking about is Arlen Specter’s connection to Eric Holder.  They go way back, into the middle and late 1970’s.

Dengre has a must read diary at Daily Kos.  Arlen Specter is exposed for all his sleaziness.  The information in this diary is important because this is the truth that will need to be exposed about Arlen Specter during the 2010 election cycle.

Pennsylvania, especially Democrats and Independents, it is time to remove Specter and replace him with someone that has integrity and that places the good of Pennsylvania ahead of their own political career.

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Is Palin Guilty of Treason? – UPDATED

From the Jed Report

Why was she a guest speaker at this year’s AIP Convention? And she goes on to praise this anti-American group. Treason???

Sarah Palin accuses Obama of treason when at the same time she shows her support for an organization that enlisted Iran to help spread anti-American sentiment. I would consider that aiding and abetting the enemy. But then again, Republicans are allowed to commit treason without consequence. Karl Rove set the precedent when he exposed the name of a covert CIA Agent and never paid the price for his act of treason.

When someone at a Palin rally shouted “treason” and she remained silent, that is indicative of her approving that statement. She also supports the assassination of a candidate by not condemning the shout of “kill him” during one of her rallies. Her silence and smirk makes her complicit to hate mongering.


Read the article at Salon for more details about the Alaska Independence Party, their support and help in getting Palin elected Mayor of Wasilla and their sponsorship by Iran.

Learn about the Palins unAmerican activities.

After learning more about the AIP, I can now understand that Sarah Palin’s is comfortable in stiring up racism and hate when she speaks.

The Republican ticket is working hard this week to make Barack Obama’s tenuous connection to graying, ’60s revolutionary Bill Ayers a major campaign issue. But the Palins’ connection to anti-American extremism is much more central to their political biographies.

Imagine the uproar if Michelle Obama was revealed to have joined a black nationalist party whose founder preached armed secession from the United States and who enlisted the government of Iran in his cause? The Obama campaign would probably not have survived such an explosive revelation. Particularly if Barack Obama himself was videotaped giving the anti-American secessionists his wholehearted support just months ago.

Where’s the outrage, Sarah Palin has been asking this week, in her attacks on Obama’s fuzzy ties to Ayers? The question is more appropriate when applied to her own disturbing associations.


Is the AP becoming another Fox News?

On Sunday, a Fox News reporter decided to cover “marchers” in Denver. Thinking he was witnessing “Obama protesters”, he decided to take his camera into the crowd. When he approached the marchers he was greeted with “F**k you” or ignored. Well, the reporter, not the brightest lightbulb, claimed that the marchers didn’t believe in freedom of speech because they wouldn’t talk to them. Huh? Freedom of speech also means the freedom NOT to speak. Eventually, the marchers surrounded this reporter and started yelling “F**k Fox News”.

You can see for yourself in this video.

Take note: The reporter refers to the marchers as “Anti Obama protesters”. The truth is that these marchers are anti-war and anti-torture protesters.

You may be wondering just what does that have to do with the Associated Press (AP)? The connection is Karl Rove. Seems like Ron Fournier, chief DC correspondent for the AP has a friendship with Karl Rove. This explains Fournier baseless attack on Barack Obama’s choice for VP saying that it highlights Obama’s lack of confidence. That’s an odd statement considering a person lacking confidence would not have been president of the Harvard Law Review nor would this person have been elected to the Senate. Looks like Fournier doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Media Matters has more on Fournier and his good pal Karl Rove.

I’ll never understand how anyone can trust Karl Rove or George W Bush or Dick Cheney or John McCain. Everyone of these people are “users” and “takers” and would quickly turn on each other if there was money to be made or power to be grabbed.

We must stand up to this lying media. A lot has changed since 2004 and we must make sure that we take our country back and speak truth to these lies.

~ signed: Just another Patriot

UPDATE:  Looks like Spike Lee doesn’t do Fox News either.

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The Blitz is coming, can Rove stop it?

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There is a group of Republicans and former Republicans that are forming an organization to support Barack Obama’s bid for the White House. They have been holding telephone conference calls. Former Senator Lincoln Chafee has left the Republican party and is endorsing Senator Barack Obama. Another surprising name on this list is Douglas Kmiec. Professor Kmiec was co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign’s Committee for Courts and the Constitution.

In an e-mail, Kmiec said he has been in contact with the Obama campaign, adding: “I think you’ll see a fairly well-designed website to begin; after that, I’m not sure if there will be print ads and such and how tightly the surrogate speaking will be coordinated.”

Sources say the Obama campaign effort will probably not occur until after the selection of a vice presidential candidate and the Democratic convention.
Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of President Eisenhower and a self-described “lifelong Republican,” was also on the call with the Obama campaign, which she said took place in recent days.

Eisenhower states that today’s Republican Party is not at all like the Republican Party of her grandfather, Dwight Eisenhower. A former adviser to President Reagan is also considering endorsing Barack Obama.

Texas businessman and former Marine Jack Holt said this year would be the first time he has ever voted for a Democrat to be president. Holt endorsed Obama in 2007 after supporting McCain and Bush years ago. He cited the Iraq war and fiscal responsibility as the main reasons why some Republicans are crossing over.

Read the complete story at The Hill

The “Destroyer” who calls himself the “Decider”, boy Bush, has even managed to tear apart the Republican Party. He did so with the help of his pals, traitor Rove and barnacle Cheney.

The Republicans can have self-centered Joe Lieberman. We Democrats don’t want him. All Lieberman wants is war and more war so he is the perfect partner for “endless war” John McCain.

All the intelligent Republicans are getting on board with Barack Obama. They are able to recognize the real leadership that Obama will bring to the Presidency.

And what’s McCain’s strategic adviser traitor Karl Rove going to do? He already has shown the Democrats all the tricks that he has in his book. And unless he can prove me wrong, Karl Rove is responsible for committing treason by exposing a covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame which jeopardized the security of the United States. During the American Revolution, Karl Rove would have been hung by the neck from the nearest and strongest tree branch.


Chuck Hagel chides McCain on Iraq