Candidate Open Thread

Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court – Progressive

In the May 19th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary one candidate stands out as the independent, progressive choice.

Independent-minded Linda Judson is not the choice of political party insiders or the product of back room deals. She is pro-choice and the only woman on the Commonwealth Court ballot recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Linda Judson, raised in a Pittsburgh home of modest means by her widowed mother, became a Licensed Practical Nurse to support herself while she worked her way through college and law school. Now she is one of the most successful and respected women practicing law in Western Pennsylvania.

Linda is the recommended or endorsed by a host of the most respected independent, progressive and labor organizations throughout Pennsylvania including:

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Steel City Stonewall Democrats

Pennsylvania National Organization for Women PAC

14th Ward Independent Democratic Club

Philadelphia Black Clergy PAC

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania State Education Association —
Political Action Committee for Education

Allegheny County Labor Council

Teamsters Joint Council No. 40

Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters

Iron Workers Local No. 3

IBEW Local # 5

Central Labor Council — Indiana, Armstrong & Clarion Counties

United Mine Workers District 2 PAC

United Mine Workers of America

In the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary make an independent choice.

Vote for Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court Judge.

Please forward this eamil to other Pennsylvania Voters. Thank you for your support.

Paid for by Linda Judson for Judge


Don’t Let Them Do It

Big agriculture and factory farms are at it again. They never give up.

There is a bill in Congress, HR875, that is a threat to organic gardening. It could even put your small family plot at risk.

The original text of the bill can be viewed here….

Geezer Power, at Suzie-Q has more information and links along with a video.

Farmer Abuse:

(Did Monsanto “drop seed” on purpose? Does Monsanto own the judges?)

This is what the Monsanto Police do to the farmers in this nation and is brought to you by the Republicans and Bush. If Monsanto is allowed to continue with this food terrorism, we will return to feudalism.

(This video was filmed during the Bush Administration. Let’s make change happen during the Obama Administration.)

Whoever owns the food supply, rules the world.

Contact your Congressperson and tell them to vote “NO” on HR875.