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Brown=”doesn’t share our values.”

This is Dr. Mark P. Campbell, Spokesman for Congressman Jim Gerlach.

This is a quote by Mark Campbell about Manan Trivedi from “The Hill”:

“What we are saying is that Trivedi is a far-left fringe candidate who does not share the common-sense values of the taxpayers, families or seniors of the 6th district,” said Gerlach campaign spokesman Mark Campbell.

“The only one who has played the race card here is him, by going to Indian-American groups to raise money,” said Campbell.


“doesn’t share our values.”

What values are those, Mark?

These Values?

Or Perhaps These Values?I suppose this means if Manan Trivedi shouldn’t go after money from the Indian-American community, Jim Gerlach shouldn’t go after PAC money?

Total PAC Money for 2010: $757,507 (from

I’m guessing they decided to call a Decorated Iraq War veteran who happens to be Indian-American a “terrorist” like they did to Lois Murphy was a bad idea so this is their way of planting the seed. See? He’s not like us, he doesn’t share our values.

Sound Familiar?

It’s time we demand Jim Gerlach answer this question:

Do you agree? Is Mark Campbell speaking on behalf of your beliefs? Do you feel that brown people don’t “share our values”?

We need to call on Congressman Gerlach to fire Mark Campbell. Unless, of course, he shares in these “values”.

Please sign this petition calling on Congressman Gerlach to answer to these statements or fire Mark Campbell!