Truth, Lies and Bloggers

I can't handle the truth.
Im confused!
I'm confused!

The right wing is promoting Jerome Corsi as a “truth teller”. Interesting that they feel that way. Or is it only “truth” when Corsi attacks Obama and it’s lies when Corsi attacks McCain.

Here are some links to articles written by Jerome Corsi where he makes some unsavory claims regarding John McCain.

(This is John McCain’s connection to a group that supports al-Qaida.)

(Corsi claims that the McCain fortune is tied to the mob.)

(McCain’s aid is linked to a Russian billionaire and Putin.)

(Influence peddling? There may be some truth to this one.)

(Soros and Teresa Kerry are funding McCain.)

In all honesty, I don’t believe these stories are true with maybe the exception of the influence peddling. John McCain would sell Cindy and his mother if that would guarantee the presidency for him.

So, where is the outrage on Fox News? Where is the outrage on the right wing blogs? Why isn’t Rush Limbaugh screaming about Corsi’s lies about McCain? Could it be that these reich wingers want the public to believe that Jerome Corsi is a truthful person? Yeah, that must be it.

(Thanks to Loomis for alerting me to these stories)