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Real Americans vs Real Americans

That’s right, you read that correctly.  We live in a strongly divided nation.  One where Americans hate other Americans.  Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist, bombed the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma killing 169 Americans which included seniors and little children and he felt no remorse.

In took weeks of sorting through debris to find the victims. In all, 168 people were killed in the explosion, which included 19 children. One nurse was also killed during the rescue operation.

Recently, Scott Roeder, believed it was perfectly acceptable to walk into a church and shoot another American because he hated him.  Mr. Roeder did not know the man he killed.  He never even met this man until he faced him with a gun.   Jim David Adkisson walked into a church in Tennessee and started shooting because he hated liberals.  Mr. Adkisson was encouraged to hate liberals by the authors of books that he read.

The media gives us Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly.  All of these people preach the hatred of other Americans, especially liberal Americans.  Some have even gone as far as suggesting that Supreme Court Justices be murdered and promoted the poisoning of the Speaker of the House.  This isn’t just freedom of speech.  This is promoting violence.  This is pitting Americans against Americans and it isn’t humor or funny.

Where did all this hate other Americans begin?  It started with Ronald Reagan and his designating liberal as a dirty word and lying about poor people on welfare driving Cadillacs.  Yes indeed, Ronald Reagan loved to divide this nation into the conservatives that were real Americans and that other group known as the liberals.  Reagan preached that the 11th commandment was to never speak ill of another Republican but it was certainly acceptable to trash non-Republicans.   What is really disturbing about Reagan’s words is that he was President of the United States which includes every American and not just Republicans.  Rush Limbaugh is an admirer of Ronald Reagan and Rush is always telling Americans to hate other Americans.  He even went as far as stating that he hopes America fails at a time when Americans need to pull together.  Ann Coulter has gone as far as stating that college liberals should be beaten up and pushed around.

“When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”

Many Americans are out of work, lack health insurance and are at risk of losing their homes, yet the media keeps tearing this country apart by providing the disciples of hate a platform from which they can preach their hate.

It seems like the real enemy is within our own nation.  When we pledge allegiance to America, we say “one nation…, indivisable… “.  Our military fights and defends this one nation.  If can’t learn to live together and accept each other, then we will become our own worst enemies.

“We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.” – Barack Obama

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Quarantine Fox

Strange that the very people that promote terror and murder will never accept responsibility for their words.  Of course, these promoters of terror and murder would never commit a direct act themselves and are very aware that there are crazy people in the world that will do their dirty work.

McCain Racism

More Hatred from McCain-Palin Supporters

This time the threats were made by the McCain-Palin supporters in Miami, FL.  Two men wearing Obama shirts and carrying Obama signs were surrounded by angry McCain-Palin supporters and one of the men had his life threatened.  Five thirty eight has the complete details.  This is “brown shirt” behavior.  Seems like the McCain-Palin supporters want to dismantle part of the Constitution by taking away Obama supporters freedom of speech.  This is how the Nazis started in Germany.  First, Germans lost their freedom of speech, then Hitler blamed the Jews, then the blacks, then the gays and then anyone that was not German for Germany’s economic problems.  The Nazis built internment camps and approved of torture and killed anyone that disagreed with them.  Now I’m not saying that McCain and Palin are promoting Fascism.  Their supporters certainly appear to be fans of Fascism.

This is a dark time in our nation.  We must come together or else our nation will perish.

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Racism in Pottsville PA

You can always tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. The Republican is the one with the hate speech and the Democrat is the one with the hope speech. It almost looks like more Obama supporters at the rally than McCain supporters. These rally goers are shackled by fear and that is why they latched onto the hate filled lies about Obama. They have so little in their lives and this fear and hatred makes them feel alive. The one woman said “It’s my country, too.” Well, I have news for her. It’s my country, too, and we have had 8 years of her country and just look at the f**kin mess her president created. Wars that we cannot afford and a destroyed economy. McCain will not help these “guns and Jesus” people pay for their health insurance nor will he help them get jobs that pay a living wage. Instead, McCain will tax their health insurance and continue to support policies that send good paying jobs oversears. It really is sad for these people. This is what happens when people don’t receive a proper education. They feed their ignorance with hate and violence.

My choice? I choose HOPE over HATE.

Learn the truth about Barack Obama’s faith at Matthew 25.

(h/t thanks to MikeMorrill for the video. Good job, Mike)

Racism Videos

The Johnstown Racist

From MorrillMajority

Pssst… make this video viral.  This man needs to be nominated as “Worst Persons” by Keith Olberman.  You betcha.


To all the McCain/Palin supporters

I have a message for you.  As your candidate John McCain slides downwards in the polls, your vile, hate filled comments to other Americans have increased.  When will it stop?  After someone gets killed in the name of McCain or in the name of Palin?  Is that what you want?  You want Americans to kill Americans?

You believe that freedom is only for you and you need a constant state of fear in order to feel alive.  Even though I will tolerate you and respect your freedoms, you disrespect me and want to take away my freedoms.  You call yourselves Christian yet you fail to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Your hearts are filled with much hate and anger.  Hate and anger are “Cardinal sins“. Get educated about your religion before you cast stones at others.  Jesus had something say about stone throwing.

The more vile names that you call me, the more reassurance I have that I wouldn’t want to be like you.


Comments are closed.  My friends know how to reach me.

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The Racist

I received the below message in an email. I removed the names for their protection. One never knows when a racist will raise its head and strike.

I was at Pepperoncini on September 26th and witness something very similar. A black gentelman in his possibly later 40’s early 50’s walked in wearing an Obama hat. One of the owners (not Paulie the heavier one) yelled at him to take the hat off. He followed him to the area where the bathrooms were, and then the Obama supporter left. A patron of the bar (who was caucasian) went outside ( I think to give support to the guy who left), and he came back in and talked to the owner. The next thing I know people were looking out of the windows. Apparently the owner told that guy to get out, and followed him outside, and was fighting him in the middle of Elm Street.

It was a very uncomfortable situation and I haven’t been back since.

2nd Story….
From: CM
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:12:02 PM

This story you are about to read is the TRUTH!! The Whole Truth!!!! So help me GOD. The incident occurred on Saturday September 12th 2008 around 12:45am. I entered the restaurant/bar to obtain a pack of cigarettes. I went to the bar and asked the bartender for TEN Ones for a Ten dollar bill. The bar area was packed. Every table was filled. It is important that you know what my dress attire for that night was. I was wearing hospital scrubs, Rockport shoes, a jogging jacket (due to the rain) and an OBAMA hat. While waiting for my change a patron (who I later came to find out was one of the owners of the restaurants) blurted out LOUDLY, ” Take that Hat off!! You can’t wear that OBAMA hat in HERE!!!”

I looked up to where the voice came from and responded back. “Yeah, Right.” After receiving my change from the bartender I proceed around the bar to the vending machine to purchase my cigarettes and leave. Unbeknownst to me, the patron that spoke out previously demanded in a stern voice that I removed my hat. Than he continued to blatantly voice political epithets at me about OBAMA so loud that a patron at the one of the tables near the cigarette machine advised me not to pay any attention to the rude comments. Even the off duty bartender who walked by me on his way to the men’s room told me to ignore the comments. I finally reached the vending area to purchase my cigarettes but to my surprise that patron was right behind me and forcible tried to remove my OBAMA hat with swipes of his hands. I than made a comment to him that we live in a democracy. To that comment the patron pushed me back and said, ” GET THE FUCK OUT!” I stopped in my steps and said, ” Please don’t touch me again.” He than pushed me again and said. ” I pay the FUCKIN BILLS in this place NIGGER! So get out!” He than followed me to the exit step for step and than shoved me out of the door and said, “GET OUT NIGGER!!!! And don’t come back!” After I was out of the restaurant he locked the door behind me.

I was so livid at the events that happened that I went to one of the neighbor’s house (next to restaurant) to phone the police. Surprisingly the police never came to the restaurant after receiving my call.

The MOST devastating part of this incident is that I WAS a REGULAR patron of this establishment. I was well liked by the bartenders, bar maids and kitchen personnel. I have spent a lot of money and referred numerous friends, and family to the restaurants for drinks and food.

I just wanted to write about my experience at PEPPERONCINI to let people know about it and hope NO ONE GOES THROUGH THIS.


Take notice… avoid the PEPPERONCINI Restaurant (72 Poplar St Conshohocken, PA 19428)in a suburb of Philadelphia. The owner is a racist and doesn’t deserve our money.

Music Open Thread

Hope in a Hopeless World

We need HOPE… We need Love in this world filled with Hate.

Just had to post this beautiful song written and performed by Philly’s own, Phil Roy.

Barack Obama brings us hope in this hopeless world.

McCain Videos

Sarah Palin – McCain’s Cheney

I’ve posted a little something about this earlier. This is what Sarah Palin supports. This is animal abuse, pure and simple and anyone that abuses and disrespects animals, will also abuse and disrespect humans. Our values are determined by how we treat the other creatures that share this planet with us.

How much is it worth? It’s all about money. Only the elitist rich people can afford to hire a plane and shoot animals that have no place to hide.

Watch this video… if you can stomach it.

Sarah Palin has no moral values. She only cares about herself, having power and controlling others. Shooting wolves from airplanes is certainly about control over others. Shame on you Sarah Palin.

From Freedom Rebel at TheZoo:

Conservationists are right to be outraged by this state-sponsored program. But they shouldn’t blame the citizens of Alaska, who have twice shown that they detest their state’s actions. They can and should, however, blame the state’s political leadership, which infuriatingly continues to refuse to put the public interest above that of the special interests—even when it means recklessly and arrogantly disregarding the scientific evidence, ethics and voter decisions, all at once.

Let’s make this video viral. Americans have the right to know about this animal cruelty. No real hunter would ever shoot an animal from an airplane.