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Is This the Beginning Of… in America?

Is the Tea Party joining with the Nazi Party? The video was produced in 1947 and illustrates the beginnings of the Nazi Party in Germany. This is precisely the direction of the Tea Party movement and the current GOP. Their mantra is “divide and conquer”. It started with the Bush Regime where Karl Rove made it his goal to divide our nation. Unless you can prove me wrong and judging by current events, it certainly appears that the Tea Party is uniting with the John Birch Society and the American Nazi Party. If race is NOT the issue with the Tea Party, then they would have been marching in the streets along with the anti-war movement during the Bush/Cheney years of terrorizing the American people. Instead, they only appeared after a black man took up residence in what they perceive as their white’s only house.

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Pandora shut the box in time.  I still have hope and faith in our President.  The alternative to Barack Obama is not acceptable and would be dangerous to our health, wealth and safety.

Democracy Is Coming To The USA.  Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the GOPers need to come back to reality.  Barack Obama is our democratically elected President.

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The DNC Speaks The Truth To Mobs

This is speaking the truth to the borderline violent mobs that are instructed to disrupt town halls by the GOP.  These are the same crazies that yelled “kill him” during the campaign in 2008.  With so many States granting concealed weapons permits, I’m worried that it won’t be long until someone opens fire at one of these town halls.

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Move Over Rush, The Republicans Have a New Leader

Fantasy woman, Michelle Bachmann, is now the leader of the GOP.  She is powerful (snark) and she represents Republicans and she is ready to lead.

Michelle Bachman could benefit from a re-education camp because most of the time, she has no clue what she is talking about.  Sue Jeffers states that she would not send her children to re-education camp, except maybe “Jesus Camp”.

Michelle Bachmann thinks that Congress needs to be investigated for members that are anti-America.

So if you voted for Barack Obama, then you, too, may be anti-America.

Then there is this…

There is the re-education that happens at Jesus Camp along with the worshiping of a cardboard George W. Bush.  Jeffers and Bachmann would deem this re-education appropriate.

This is child abuse.

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John McCain isn’t sharing…

Sarah Palin

Little Facts Add Up on Palin

This thread is posted in it’s entirety with the written permission of the author, Melinda Donahey.

Some “Little Facts” About Sarah Palin

By Melinda Donahey

The American public has less than 60 days to judge Sarah Palin’s fitness for high office, dangerous risk-taking indeed when as vice-president she would be next in line to a 72-year-old man who has had bouts with melanoma, whose father and grandfather both died younger than he is now, and who, as a former prisoner-of-war, confronts the likelihood of a shorter-than-average lifespan.

Palin has been kept under extremely tight wraps since her nomination. Reporters can’t ask her questions directly, and she never appears on the campaign trail unless accompanied by John McCain or delivers a speech that isn’t written for her.

Though Palin is a virtual stranger to most Americans, McCain campaign aide Rick Davis is indifferent to the public’s right to know anything unscripted about her policy views, stating “We’re going to do what’s in our best interests to try to win the election.” Apparently, the best interests of the electorate don’t figure into the equation.

Press reports about Palin pour forth, but no one has put all the information together in a coherent whole, as this article attempts to do.

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign complains loudly that Palin has been maligned by the media in a sexist manner, and should be judged by the same standard as male politicians seeking the highest offices in the land. Fair enough.

Let’s see exactly how well she’s actually performed as mayor and governor of Alaska. And since she seeks a position with awesome responsibility in the most diverse, complex, multi-faceted superpower in history, a country with over 300 million citizens–let’s see how the size and complexity of her previous responsibilities compare to the job she seeks.