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This video is from the primary and I thought I would re-post it because the song is catchy and we need to get excited again.

It’s getting closer and closer to the general election and I will be busy volunteering for the Obama campaign so I might not be posting as much. I’ve been given the assignment of “data coordinator” which sounds like an important name but it’s just a title with a lot of work to do.

There is still a lot of work to do and the Obama campaign needs your help. Please consider volunteering. Even 1 hour/day or one or two evenings/week will be extremely helpful. Maybe you can help with voter registration on the weekend at a public event or at the local college or maybe you can do phone banking or like me, become a “data coordinator” 🙂 . Every little bit helps.

We need ‘Change’ and Barack Obama and Joe Biden will bring the change that this nation so badly needs.

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Dear Hillary – about those 18 million cracks…

Now before anyone starts attacking me (and you know who you are) for writing in support of Hillary Clinton, be sure to read Politics is Politics first. I was disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s attacks during the primary season. Since then, Hillary and I have “kissed and made up”, so to speak. What I did learn about Hillary is that she is very good at standing up for her principles and Americans. I liked and respected Hillary Clinton before the primaries and I still like and respect Hillary Clinton. If you want to attack me, please be sure to include a link to this site when you do it. Publicity will help spread the truth about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to address the real issues. Last week, John McCain was pressured by his Republican handlers to choose an ultra conservative, right wing female to be his running mate. McCain’s first choice was Joe Lieberman and he also seriously considered Tom Ridge. But John McCain, no longer the maverick, folded his hand, adjusted his “Party” hat, and gave into the right wing, neocon Republicans that control him. All you moderate Republicans can forget about “the maverick” because “the maverick” threw away his deck of cards and packed up his guns and he won’t be back. It’s all right wing, Evangelicals all the way until election day and then if he wins, it will be more of Bush and Cheney years.

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Who are we???

This is who we are:

It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.

— Thomas Paine

About the Blog:

Pennsylvania for Change was started in March of 2008 during the Pennsylvania Primary season as a place for Obama supporters (not paid staff) to show their support for their candidate… hence the name. There have been several times since the primary that I have considered ending this blog, thinking all the work was done. Then I thought, hold on until the Democratic Convention. Done.

Then John McCain and his Republicans chose a person with NO NATIONAL government experience and only a BS degree in Journalism (sports journalism), for their ticket as Vice President. Looks like Pennsylvania for Change needs to stay on line longer.

It would be un-patriotic to not continue to work for change in our government. Change begins with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Here’s hoping that a President Obama offers the position of Attorney General to Hillary Clinton, who is certainly the most qualified for the job.

Another purpose of this website is to help provide some exposure for local Democrats running for office in Pennsylvania. That is why I have provided pages just for that purpose. The “Home” page is open to issues of national concern.

If you are interested in writing for Pennsylvania for Change, please contact us at:

About the people:

This is a site for progressive bloggers that want change in our government. Yes, we can make the change. We don’t need to choose politics as usual.

We welcome all intelligent comments from the intellectual left and the intellectual right. Intellectual moderates are welcome, too. We also appreciate humor.


If you have information on events, fund raisers or Democratic candidates that you would like posted here, contact us at:

Are you considering voting Republican in November or not voting at all?

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