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September 11, 2009

Eight years have passed since that awful day when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings killing 3000 people.

It’s difficult to listen to the memorial service and to view pictures from today’s memorial.  It brings back the memories of the fear and the anxiety and all the other emotions which took place that day and the several days following.

After the emotions settled, I began to wonder, why didn’t our President address the American people right away? We needed to hear some words of assurance from a leader and the only leader that stepped forward was Mayor Rudy Guiliani. It didn’t matter if he was competent or not. What matter was Rudy gave the appearance that someone was in charge. In the meantime, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were no where to be found. They both went into hiding. The idiot, Denny Hastert who was the Speaker of the House at the time, was no where to be found either.  This left Guiliani in front of the TV cameras.

Something just wasn’t right about this whole thing. I don’t believe the story that was given to us by the “press” and I don’t believe the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones either. Because of how the President and Vice President handled this crisis on the day of this event, I believe that the truth lies somewhere in between. Bush and Cheney did many vile things while in office. Abandoning Americans on September 11, 2001 was THE worst thing they did.  When Americans needed someone to turn to, they were missing.

To show disrespect for those who died and for their surviving family and friends, Glenn Beck and his 912/teabaggers plan on marching on Washington, DC on September 12, 2009 to protest the tax cuts that they received from President Obama and to tell Congress that they do NOT want affordable health care coverage.  These fools are tools for big corporations, the insurance companies and for people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, Rove and Beck who make millions of dollars by spitting hate over the airwaves.  Little do these Beck worshipers realize that the media hate mongers will never do anything that benefits them.  The 912/teabaggers/birthers/deathers are slaves to Fox and Ruppert Murdoch is smiling all the way to the bank… the very bank that received a government bailout.  How ironic.  If they only had a brain.

Bonus reading here.  Cheney acted as President and directed the government on September 11, 2001.  He would not allow Congressional members to show their faces to the media.

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Quarantine Fox

Strange that the very people that promote terror and murder will never accept responsibility for their words.  Of course, these promoters of terror and murder would never commit a direct act themselves and are very aware that there are crazy people in the world that will do their dirty work.

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Scanton Votes

It’s a battleground, all right.


Is the AP becoming another Fox News?

On Sunday, a Fox News reporter decided to cover “marchers” in Denver. Thinking he was witnessing “Obama protesters”, he decided to take his camera into the crowd. When he approached the marchers he was greeted with “F**k you” or ignored. Well, the reporter, not the brightest lightbulb, claimed that the marchers didn’t believe in freedom of speech because they wouldn’t talk to them. Huh? Freedom of speech also means the freedom NOT to speak. Eventually, the marchers surrounded this reporter and started yelling “F**k Fox News”.

You can see for yourself in this video.

Take note: The reporter refers to the marchers as “Anti Obama protesters”. The truth is that these marchers are anti-war and anti-torture protesters.

You may be wondering just what does that have to do with the Associated Press (AP)? The connection is Karl Rove. Seems like Ron Fournier, chief DC correspondent for the AP has a friendship with Karl Rove. This explains Fournier baseless attack on Barack Obama’s choice for VP saying that it highlights Obama’s lack of confidence. That’s an odd statement considering a person lacking confidence would not have been president of the Harvard Law Review nor would this person have been elected to the Senate. Looks like Fournier doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Media Matters has more on Fournier and his good pal Karl Rove.

I’ll never understand how anyone can trust Karl Rove or George W Bush or Dick Cheney or John McCain. Everyone of these people are “users” and “takers” and would quickly turn on each other if there was money to be made or power to be grabbed.

We must stand up to this lying media. A lot has changed since 2004 and we must make sure that we take our country back and speak truth to these lies.

~ signed: Just another Patriot

UPDATE:  Looks like Spike Lee doesn’t do Fox News either.

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Nas and the Color of Change

Fox News gets called out for it’s racism.

Sign the petition:

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This is a MUST See…

The Wright truth… from The Brad Blog

The video shows an interview with a Catholic Priest and Fox News. The priest, Rev. Michael Pfleger, tells it like is. I’ll bet O’Reilly only picked out snippets of this interview for his show. After all, Fox News is “snippet news”.

(HT to Zooey at The Zoo)

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