Is The Lame Duck Losing His Feathers?

Duck Feathers
Duck Feathers

Looks like some of the rule changes that the boy Bush is trying to rush through before the adults move into the White House won’t be happening. According to an article in the Washington Post, the EPA is backing away from proposals to alter air pollution rules. Whew! As if the boy Bush doesn’t realize that the most basic need for animal and human life is oxygen and that the only way we take oxygen in is through our lungs and pollution destroys the body’s ability to get to that oxygen. Then again, the boy Bush lacks curiosity and doesn’t think beyond his own nose.

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday abandoned its push to revise two air-pollution rules in ways that environmentalists had long opposed, abruptly dropping measures that the Bush administration had spent years preparing.

One proposal would have made it easier to build a coal-fired power plant, refinery or factory near a national park. The other would have altered the rules that govern when power plants must install antipollution devices. Environmentalists said it would result in fewer such cleanups.

At least the Environmental Protection Agency is cooperating with the Obama transition team something that Bush promised to do but hasn’t done, yet. Perhaps Bush could learn something from these EPA officials and that would be how to reach beyond his own interests and start caring about other people. Let’s hope that other agencies follow the EPA’s lead and pull more feathers from the lame duck, Bush.