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The Real Pat Toomey – Final Entry

Pat Toomey knows that his ideology would make him unelectable so he re-invented himself as a “center-right” candidate.  The truth is that Toomey only changed his coat.  The clothes inside are still the same and this is why Toomey is evasive when asked questions about how he would represent the people of Pennsylvania.   Toomey is more reactionary than Santorum and he would only represent the interests of the wealthy and corporations which is what he did in the past.  He is hoping that you don’t remember.  Well, we do remember and in case you forgot, read this article.  It will remind you of the REAL TOOMEY and who he represents.  It won’t be you.

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All Politics Are Local

This letter was forwarded to me by a friend.   In order to protect identities, some information was removed.

Dear ________ Township Democrat,

The coming election on November 2nd is the most important in the past ten years and may be the most important in your lifetime. There are forces at work to see to it that Democratic turnout remains low so that the Republicans can engineer their dream in Pennsylvania and the nation. And what is their dream and what does it mean to you and your family? Republican candidates across the country have articulated this dream in many ways but it comes down to this:

Shredding and dismantling the social safety nets of Social Security, Medicare, and benefits to Veterans

More attacks on our Constitutional rights                           Continued outsourcing of US jobs

More attacks on women’s rights and the poor                   Endless witch hunts in the House

Recklessly mishandling the economy                                    Failure to regulate Wall Street

Saying NO to all legislation, unless it is to extend tax cuts for the rich

 Their notion of shrinking government, as if it were somehow the enemy of the people is expressed as ‘privatizing’ or ‘personalizing’ Social Security to eventually get rid of it and turning back the clock to the ‘good old days’ of the 1800’s where bank panics like the one of 2008 were regular occurrences.

So what is their strategy? It starts in Washington and it ends in places like____Township with voters like you.  The mailers you have been receiving attacking Dave Kessler are part of a national campaign to take control of our state government so that they can impose their congressional redistricting plan on Pennsylvania.  They are targeting this seat to get a Republican majority in Harrisburg.

Don’t be fooled. Republicans are not on your side, and they hope you stay home on Nov.2. Democrats support “Economic Patriotism” which means, Products Made in America , Jobs for Americans, and protections for  the environment and security for the vulnerable.  

Get out and vote for Democrats to keep the right wing fringe of the Republican Party and the Tea Party from taking over our government.

Vote For:

Dan Onorato – Governor State of Pennsylvania

Joe Sestak – US Senate

Tim Holden  – US Congress

Dave Kessler – PA State Representative 

Pennsylvania Republican lies Republicans

The Midnight Thief

PA Senator David Argall was the chief architect of the 2005 “midnight pay raise” that included a 50% raise in his pension.  Besides this sneaky thievery of tax payers money, Argall also had one of the highest “per diem” while serving as a Legislator.  When asked about his expenses, he whined about living 1.5 hours from Harrisburg.  Boo hoo.

Now this crook and liar is planning on running as the Republican candidate in the PA 17th Congressional District.   The only jobs that David Argall has ever had were jobs where he could collect his paycheck from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.   In March of 2009, David Argall won his current seat as a Senator in Pennsylvania.  In 2010, he wants to move to Washington DC as a member of the House with a larger “per diem”.  Of course, being a Republican, Argall supports the GOP plan to privatize Social Security and decrease Medicare benefits. If Argall gets elected to the US Congress, you better believe that senior citizens will suffer loses while big banks and big corporations will be allowed to steal more money from the tax payers.  It’s the GOP way and Argall will vote to decrease Medicare benefits and vote to privatize Social Security.

Looks like Argall is a quitter, just like Sarah Palin.  What’s with these Republicans?  Seems like when the going gets tough, they either quit or give themselves a very large raise.

Berks County Elections

If The Voters Only Knew

That Nelson Long was planning on retiring in two years, the outcome from Tuesday’s election may have been different.

Among his plans for the office are straightening out problems in the tax claim office and streamlining the county tax collection system.

Retirement also is on his agenda in two years when he reaches age 72, Long said.

He was just re-elected into office as Treasurer for Berks County. What this means is that he is planning on being a “quitter”. Berks County residents better make sure that an independent audit is done before Long leaves office. After all, he still has some explaining to do to the tax payers regarding monies spent on furniture and trips and there still is that investement risk (derivatives and junk bonds) that tax payers should be concerned about.

Nelson Long… another dishonest Republican bringing “tricks” to the voters.

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Berks County Row Offices – Democrats 2009

Born and raised in Berks County, Charles Corbit will work hard and work smart to make sure the Prothonotary’s Office works for the tax payers of Berks County.  With two decades of private sector experience, Charles will update obsolete technology to reduce costs and ensure secure document filing.  Under his leadership, the Prothonotary’s Office will provide fast retrieval and quality service to all customers.  That’s better for Berks.

It time for someone with energy, leadership experience and computer knowledge to manage the important legal documents that are vital to the tax payers of Berks County.  We need change.  Charles will not spend his time decorating his office for the holidays nor will he be doing “political work” on taxpayer’s time.  Instead, he will be working hard for everyone in Berks County.

Serving the people of Berks County as our present Coroner, Dennis J. Hess has accomplished much in his first term.  By restoring professionalism and integrity to the Coroner’s Office, Dennis and his staff have earned the trust of the people of Berks County and built strong working relationships with all their constituents, including funeral homes, ambulance and fire companies, hospitals, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

Unlike the previous Coroner (Bybel), Dennis Hess has NOT incurred any costly lawsuits against the Coroner’s Office.

With 25 years of leadership experience at Med-Ed and FirstEnergy in finance, operations and administration, Carole can bring fresh thinking to the challenges that face the County and the Treasurer’s Office.  She will improve operations, increase efficiency and control costs through better use of technology and strengthening the departments commitment to customer service.  Carole has the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to work hard for the people of Berks County.

Carole Snyder will establish a policy of openness with all funds and operations, unlike the current Treasurer that refused an Internal Audit.  She will work to minimize the huge pension fund investment losses which must be made up from taxpayer dollars.  The current Treasurer (Nelson Long) oversaw two huge losses of pension funds in excess of $50 million in the past ten years.


Vote straight Democratic Party.  We can not afford 4 more years of Republicans wasting our tax dollars.

Berks County Candidate Elections Government Open Thread Republicans

Berks County Row Offices – Republicans 2009

Mary Ann Sutton is the current Prothonotary for Berks County. She is 73 years old and even though she claims to have implemented the software purchased by the tax payers of Berks County for streamlining the document management that is required by the Prothonotary’s office, she doesn’t take full advantage of this software. It’s time for her to retire and enjoy her thirteen grandchildren and her Social Security.  We need a person with leadership and computer skills that will save the tax payer’s money by fully implementing the software purchased by Berks County.  Not someone that is more interested in decorating her office for the holidays than learning new skills that would save Berks County money.  Sutton needs to hire consultants to do the work that she and her staff should be doing.  That’s not efficiency nor is that cost effective.

Now this isn’t illegal, but, it is questionable.  If you visit the Berks County Republican Committee website and click on Maryann Sutton’s name you get a link to her email account (, the one that is paid for by the tax payers of Berks County.  How much “party politics” does Maryann Sutton do on the tax payers time when she should be working for us instead?

Nicholas Bybel, 76 years old, is trying to make a comeback as Coroner for Berks County.  He made a statement to the Pottstown Mercury saying that he was going to fire employees if he gets elected and hire medical staff to do the coroner assistant work.  Berks County was sued for this very reason before, must we visit this again?   Bybel lost the primary 4 years ago to an unknown lawyer because Berk’s County tax payers had enough of covering all the lawsuits that Bybel had incurred against the Coroner’s Office.   He lied by making a false statement regarding endorsements (see previous post).  Besides, he too, should be enjoying his retirement and stop wanting the Berks County tax payers to raise his standard of living.  Our current Coroner is doing an excellent job.  He has NOT incurred any lawsuits because he does his job.  We had Bybel once and that was enough.  Say “bye, bye to Bybel”.

Nelson Long, 70 years old, is the “youngster” running on the Republican ticket.  His position as Treasurer leaves many questions such as:

1. Why does he repeatedly refuse to allow scutiny of the County Record Improvement Fund by Internal Audit?

2.  How does he justify expenditures for furniture, appliances and trips using Record Improvement Money?

3.  Why does he risk losing money in the Berks County pension fund by recommending that the County invest 8% of these funds in junk bonds?  (Can anyone say ‘derivatives’?)

4.  Why did he try to hide the fact that he failed to include the cost of outsourcing work for the Tax Claim office to his campaign Chair by claiming that he saved money when in fact he didn’t?

5.  How does he explain two huge losses of pension fund assets in excess of $50 million (ouch) in the past ten years that he oversaw?

6.  Why does he ignore repeated recommendations of the PA Auditor General to provide proper checks and balances over the handling of cash? (from audit reports for periods ended 2002 and 2006).

7.  Is he too computer illiterate to implement the Cash Management portion of the County’s new computer system that was paid for by the tax payers?


It time for him to retire, also.  We need someone that is willing to use the Record Improvement Fund for its intended purpose as is done in other counties.  Berks County is way behind the times and it is costing the County money.  We need someone that can implement the proper checks and balances to safeguard Berks County assets.  So far, Nelson Long has failed in protecting Berks County assets.  We can’t afford to trust him with our money any longer.

Candidate Open Thread

Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court – Progressive

In the May 19th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary one candidate stands out as the independent, progressive choice.

Independent-minded Linda Judson is not the choice of political party insiders or the product of back room deals. She is pro-choice and the only woman on the Commonwealth Court ballot recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Linda Judson, raised in a Pittsburgh home of modest means by her widowed mother, became a Licensed Practical Nurse to support herself while she worked her way through college and law school. Now she is one of the most successful and respected women practicing law in Western Pennsylvania.

Linda is the recommended or endorsed by a host of the most respected independent, progressive and labor organizations throughout Pennsylvania including:

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Steel City Stonewall Democrats

Pennsylvania National Organization for Women PAC

14th Ward Independent Democratic Club

Philadelphia Black Clergy PAC

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania State Education Association —
Political Action Committee for Education

Allegheny County Labor Council

Teamsters Joint Council No. 40

Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters

Iron Workers Local No. 3

IBEW Local # 5

Central Labor Council — Indiana, Armstrong & Clarion Counties

United Mine Workers District 2 PAC

United Mine Workers of America

In the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary make an independent choice.

Vote for Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court Judge.

Please forward this eamil to other Pennsylvania Voters. Thank you for your support.

Paid for by Linda Judson for Judge

Barack Obama Elections

Obama Conquers the New South

North Carolina has been a red state since 1976; Obama is turning it blue

The spark for the civil rights movement happened 48 years ago in Greensboro, North Carolina. The state has voted red since 1976 – and it was red until mid-September. Pepe Escobar, reporting from Greensboro and financial center Charlotte, tells how Senator Barack Obama’s campaign has energized voters from a broad spectrum, including blacks, female voters and independents, suburban and exurban, to the point that the state is now turning blue.

On the street in North Carolina this week Pepe Escobar spoke to one man who said, “Everybody’s excited about Obama,” a statement that really exemplifies the mood in N.C.

The Republican Party “Southern Strategy” is not working anymore. This is the new New South, 16 years after Bill Clinton. Obama – a liberal black senator from Chicago – is on the road to carry other southern states, from Virginia to Florida.

Escobar comments, “This is a second silent American revolution,” a sentiment echoed by a local early voter, “Everybody’s hurting, we want change.”

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