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The DNC Speaks The Truth To Mobs

This is speaking the truth to the borderline violent mobs that are instructed to disrupt town halls by the GOP.  These are the same crazies that yelled “kill him” during the campaign in 2008.  With so many States granting concealed weapons permits, I’m worried that it won’t be long until someone opens fire at one of these town halls.

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Who Will Be the Survivor?

The latest ad by the DNC…. too good to pass up.

No one new idea among any member of that group.


Exxon John

Exxon John doesn’t care about how much Americans pay for gasoline. As long as Exxon is making a huge profit, then John McCain’s campaign profits. It is so sad for old man McCain. He sold his sold just so that he could be the nominee for president.

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My job was off-shored

John McCain doesn’t feel the pain.  We were told that our job losses are just “mental” and all we need is a “psychological” boost. Americans losing their jobs doesn’t put food on the table nor does it provide a roof over our heads.  John McCain promised that he is NOT going to keep all the jobs in America.

From the DNC…

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From the AFL/CIO blog.

(h/t Crooks and Liars)


Loomis has a posting about John McCain from the American Conservative. It is an eye opener and well worth reading.

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DNC creates “McCain-pedia”

First there was Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia which can be edited by viewers. Now we have “McCain-pedia”. The new on-line source for information about John McCain. This on-line “pedia” cannot be edited by the public.

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It is run and managed by the DNC Communications, Research and Internet teams.

Check it out here