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Politics is politics…

Well, it seems like I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.

I want to make something perfectly clear. Supporting a candidate does not relinquish holding that candidate accountable. I am not a “koolaid drinker” nor am I a sheep that follows blindly.

My original support for a candidate went to Governor Bill Richardson because he has the best positions on issues as far as I am concerned. Bill Richardson was not one of the media’s “darlings” so he got little coverage and little face time to speak about his position so he dropped out of the race. He couldn’t generate enough ground support. Eventually, it was Obama and Clinton as the two final candidates. I studied both of their positions on the issues and I didn’t see much difference between the two. So why did I put my support behind Barack Obama? Because of management style. It was “we” vs “I” and the “we” won. 🙂 Just because Barack Obama is the nominee doesn’t mean that I don’t need to hold him accountable. There are many positions that both Barack and Hillary have on the issues that I disagree with and there are many positions that I can support.

During the first Democratic Primary debate, I took a good look at all the candidates on the stage and I thought to myself “Wow, I can be comfortable voting for any one of these candidates. It will be difficult to choose from among such a great group of candidates”.

When I saw the lineup for the Republicans, I thought “This is the absolute worse group of candidates” and I actually felt a little sad for any Republican going to the polls and having to choose someone from that group of losers. Pay attention, I said, a little sad but that quickly passed because I knew the Republicans dug their own grave by giving into the right-wing neocons and the Bush/Cheney/Rove cartel. There is nothing left of the Republican party.

Having said all that, I am and I will continue to work to get Democrats elected in November and that certainly includes Barack Obama. There is no candidate that I agree with 100% of the time. As someone once told me, they only agree with themselves 100% of time and even that was a stretch. I will call things as I see them and the supporters of this FISA bill turned their backs on the 4th Amendment. I listened to Senator Russ Feingold speak last evening and I’m in agreement with him. Hopefully after Obama gets elected President and more Democrats get elected to Congress, this FISA bill along with the unPatriot Act can get turned around and we can once again feel safe living and governing within our Constitution.

~ Cats