The Green Carpet Revolution

Paoli Lion has a great post at PennPortal that links to a carpet manufacturer, Bloomsburg Carpet,  that makes carpets out of wool.  Prior to the “plastic revolution”, carpets were made out of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.   Stop by and visit the Penn Portal for all good things “Made in Pennsylvania”.   You would be surprised at how many quality products are still made in the United States.  These are not large manufacturers like John Deere, but smaller ones that provide jobs for Americans and make products that are of high quality.

Back in the ’70’s, the mantras were “Buy American” and “Look for the Union label”.  During the Reagan revolution, the Union label mantra was dismantled.  Former President George H. W. Bush, removed the buy American mantra when he proclaimed that is was now a “World Economy” and President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA which opened more doors for jobs to be sent to Mexico without consequence to the manufacturer.  Yet, despite all the effort by the Government to allow big corporations to eliminate their competition, small manufacturers are still surviving.  Why?  Because Americans still want quality and safety in products that they purchase.  All the toxic products that come from China is turning Americans away from cheap Chinese junk and Mexico is not producing products that equal the quality of products made in the United States.

Support our economy.  Buy local and buy American.

Contact your Congress person and ask them to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

UPDATE: “Union Made” from Artex Knitting Mills right here in Pennsylvania.  Love the hats.    🙂    Look for these products in your local stores.  Let’s keep Americans working.  Read more about Artex Knitting Mills here


Break Dance Anyone? (with poll)


Dear Hillary – about those 18 million cracks…

Now before anyone starts attacking me (and you know who you are) for writing in support of Hillary Clinton, be sure to read Politics is Politics first. I was disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s attacks during the primary season. Since then, Hillary and I have “kissed and made up”, so to speak. What I did learn about Hillary is that she is very good at standing up for her principles and Americans. I liked and respected Hillary Clinton before the primaries and I still like and respect Hillary Clinton. If you want to attack me, please be sure to include a link to this site when you do it. Publicity will help spread the truth about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to address the real issues. Last week, John McCain was pressured by his Republican handlers to choose an ultra conservative, right wing female to be his running mate. McCain’s first choice was Joe Lieberman and he also seriously considered Tom Ridge. But John McCain, no longer the maverick, folded his hand, adjusted his “Party” hat, and gave into the right wing, neocon Republicans that control him. All you moderate Republicans can forget about “the maverick” because “the maverick” threw away his deck of cards and packed up his guns and he won’t be back. It’s all right wing, Evangelicals all the way until election day and then if he wins, it will be more of Bush and Cheney years.