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Pandora shut the box in time.  I still have hope and faith in our President.  The alternative to Barack Obama is not acceptable and would be dangerous to our health, wealth and safety.

Democracy Is Coming To The USA.  Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the GOPers need to come back to reality.  Barack Obama is our democratically elected President.

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The Democrats in Congress and our Democratic President are showing a lack of courage.  By removing the public option from health care reform, the Democrats are turning their backs on the majority of Americans that want and need a public option.  They are behaving like cowards by allowing the minority Republicans to determine our health care.  Without the public option, there is no health care reform.  It will be just the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

There is talk about non profit co-ops without any mention about who will manage these co-ops.  Small cooperatives will not have the power to negotiate lower prices like big insurance companies can so people will continue with high premiums and if the government subsidizes any of these, the government will be paying high prices just like it does now with the pharmaceutical companies under Medicare Part D.  These cooperatives are just another way of grabbing money from the government and the Republicans will trash the Democrats for not providing health care reform in 2010.

If the Democrats think that the screaming teabaggers are going to go away if the health care bill removes the public option, they are sadly mistaken.  The oil and coal lobbyists are ready working on the same plan of using screaming people to disrupt any changes in our energy policies due to climate change.

President Obama and Democrats in Congress:  show some courage, stand up for the majority of American people that want a public option and fight for us.  If you can’t fight for us, then I can no longer fight to get you elected.

Open Thread

Woodstock Weekend Begins

We were such a hairy bunch then.

Joe Cocker With a Little Help From My Friends.  This is probably the best version of this song.

Add your favorite songs in the comment section.

Brought to you by the generation that marched to end a war, worked for a cleaner and healthier environment and gave us the first Earth Day and women’s liberation and marched and fought for equality and civil rights for everyone.  Health care wasn’t a big issue then because doctors spent time with their patients and didn’t get involved with insurance companies telling them how to do their job.  This was before Nixon invented HMO’s which was the beginning of the end of quality health care.

Looking around now and it seems like very little has changed.  The country is still divided just like it was back then.