Bill Richardson

A Letter from Governor Bill Richardson

Governor Bill Richardson
Governor Bill Richardson

Dear xxxxx,

For nearly three decades, I have been honored to serve my state and our nation in Congress, at the U.N., as Secretary of Energy and as governor. So when the President-elect asked me to serve as Secretary of Commerce, I felt a duty to answer the call.

I felt that duty particularly because America is facing such extraordinary economic challenges. The Department of Commerce must play an important role in solving them by helping to grow the new jobs and businesses America so badly needs.

It is also because of that sense of urgency about the work of the Commerce Department that I have asked the President-elect not to move forward with my nomination at this time.

I do so with great sorrow. But a pending investigation of a company that has done business with New Mexico state government promises to extend for several weeks or, perhaps, even months.

Let me say unequivocally that I and my Administration have acted properly in all matters and that this investigation will bear out that fact. But I have concluded that the ongoing investigation also would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process.

Given the gravity of the economic situation the nation is facing, I could not in good conscience ask the President-elect and his Administration to delay for one day the important work that needs to be done.

So, for now, I will remain in the job I love, Governor of New Mexico, and will continue to work every day, with Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, to make a positive difference in the lives of New Mexicans. I believe she will be a terrific governor in the future.

I appreciate the confidence President-elect Obama has shown in me, and value our friendship and working partnership. I told him that I am eager to serve in the future in any way he deems useful. And like all Americans, I pray for his success and the success of our beloved country.

I’ve included President-elect Obama’s statement in response to my own:

Statement of the President-elect:

It’s with deep regret that I accept Governor Bill Richardson’s decision to withdraw his name for nomination as the next Secretary of Commerce.

He is an outstanding public servant and would have brought to the job of Commerce Secretary and our economic team great insights accumulated through an extraordinary career in federal and state office.

It is a measure of his willingness to put the nation first that he has removed himself as a candidate for the Cabinet in order to avoid any delay in filling this important economic post at this critical time.

Although we must move quickly to fill the void left by Governor Richardson’s decision, I look forward to his future service to our country and in my administration.

Thank you for your past and continued support.

I look forward to putting this matter to rest and in the meantime I am preparing for the upcoming New Mexico legislative session.

All my best wishes,

Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico

(paid for by Richardson for President)

As someone who supported Governor Bill Richardson for President, I am saddened by this news.

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It really is about Race… and not Religion

For a nation that boasts about equality and democracy, it certainly portrays a double standard. How is it that Senator Vitter still holds his position in Congress and Governor Spetzer had to resign? They both found “comfort” in the arms of prostitutes, but one had to resign while the other can blame illegal immigrants for his lewd behavior. The same goes for religion and religious speakers such as priests and pastors. The right wing embraces all the hate that the fundamentalists dish out and get their knickers in a bunch when a non-fundamentalist preacher speaks against injustice. What’s the difference? The fundamentalist preachers are WHITE and the non-fundamentalist preacher is BLACK and different races are held to different standards.

For more on this, read this article

It’s eye opening to see how the Republican party has embraced the Religious right while at the same time attacking Barack Obama based on statements made by his minister. That’s like holding me, a Catholic, accountable for the abuse of children by priests just because I’m of the same faith.

Yes, we do live in two different Americas. The one that is filled with hate and anger and vengence and the one that is filled with tolerance and acceptance.