To all the McCain/Palin supporters

I have a message for you.  As your candidate John McCain slides downwards in the polls, your vile, hate filled comments to other Americans have increased.  When will it stop?  After someone gets killed in the name of McCain or in the name of Palin?  Is that what you want?  You want Americans to kill Americans?

You believe that freedom is only for you and you need a constant state of fear in order to feel alive.  Even though I will tolerate you and respect your freedoms, you disrespect me and want to take away my freedoms.  You call yourselves Christian yet you fail to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Your hearts are filled with much hate and anger.  Hate and anger are “Cardinal sins“. Get educated about your religion before you cast stones at others.  Jesus had something say about stone throwing.

The more vile names that you call me, the more reassurance I have that I wouldn’t want to be like you.


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