Sarah Palin Goes Into Hiding

OMG – Sarah Palin is not ready on Day One! The McCain campaign is sequestering her away from the press because they are afraid she may make a mistake. Too late for that. John S. McCain may have already made a mistake by picking someone with no knowledge of our national government except when it comes to asking for pork barrel handouts.

Republicans are such cowards. Picking someone with little education and little experience is an insult to the American people. Shame on you, John McCain. You need to take off your “It’s all about me John McCain” hat and put on your American hat.

And Joe Biden, IS READY ON DAY ONE. Check out our man of confidence.

UPDATE: In John McCain’s own words…

“Change is coming, change is coming, and with her there we will restore our strength and the prosperity of this great nation,” Mr. McCain, with Ms. Palin at his side, told a roaring crowd of thousands in Cedarburg, Wis., a small town in a solidly Republican swath outside Milwaukee.

Oh really? Not if Sarah Palin is placed in hiding away from the press. That’s not change we can believe in. It’s hiding McCain’s running mate because he is now uncertain of his choice and knows that she is NOT READY TO LEAD.