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The Egg and the Millions of Sperm

Last year, a group in Colorado had a  “personhood” measure added to the ballot which was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters.

DENVER – A resurgent movement to place “personhood” measures on state ballots across the nation to ban abortion and comprehensive reproductive care could have far more sweeping implications than the trial balloon Colorado voters soundly defeated last year.

Far from being dissuaded by the 3-to-1 loss from their 2008 campaign to confer zygotes with legal rights, abortion opponents are regrouping with a broader initiative that purports to address life span issues, from conception to death.

This year, this same group lead by Kristi Burton from Peyton, CO, wants to expand the definition of “personhood” to include ‘The Egg’.

This is where they are heading:

Shaded beneath the state capitol’s famed golden dome and cradling his 10-day-old son, Gualberto Garcia Jones, 31, said announcing the new campaign:

“And the important thing to keep in mind, if you honestly and unbiasedly read the language – this is about the full spectrum of human development. It includes the very early stages.

Jones, a conservative Catholic, said he welcomed a debate about a contraception ban as an effect of the personhood cause:

“What this amendment does is protect all human beings,” he said. “Something that is erroneously referred to as contraception causes the early human to die because they cannot develop in the uterus. And, then yeah, this would prohibit it. We’re more than happy to talk about that.”

Yes, they want to outlaw the use of contraception among other things.

The 2010 campaign will be backed by Personhood USA, a new national nonprofit organization formed from the ashes of Burton’s Colorado for Equal Rights, whose supporters were linked to militant anti-abortion groups, like the Army of God.

The Denver-based Personhood USA is headed by former Wichita resident and ex-Operation Rescue “truth truck” driver Keith Mason, and Michigan anti-abortion activist Cal Zastrow. Veterans of the failed Colorado campaign, the two men most recently were involved in the unsuccessful 2008 South Dakota citizen-initiated abortion ban and failed legislative actions in Montana and North Dakota earlier this spring.

Now they have plans to deploy platoons of “personhood” activists in 17 states to effectively ban abortion, oral/device contraception, in vitro fertilization, and embryonic stem cell research should they prevail to win civil rights for fertilized eggs. And if Jones’ press briefing comments are any indication, they may take on disability advocacy groups and the burgeoning end-of-life care movement, as well.

If these crazies are intent on protecting the eggs in a woman’s ovaries and want to ban abortion based on the definition of “personhood”, then for approximately 30 years, a woman will be guilty of breaking the law on a monthly basis (except of course if she is pregnant) as her body aborts the unfertilized egg along with its source of nourishment.  So the number of monthly abortions by a woman would be approximately 391 (based on a 28 day cycle and if I did my math right).

Add to this, approximately 40 millions sperms are released in an average ejaculation.  How many “personhoods” are prevented by the average man in the same 30 year time span?  Inquiring minds need to know.   😕


Dear Hillary – about those 18 million cracks…

Now before anyone starts attacking me (and you know who you are) for writing in support of Hillary Clinton, be sure to read Politics is Politics first. I was disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s attacks during the primary season. Since then, Hillary and I have “kissed and made up”, so to speak. What I did learn about Hillary is that she is very good at standing up for her principles and Americans. I liked and respected Hillary Clinton before the primaries and I still like and respect Hillary Clinton. If you want to attack me, please be sure to include a link to this site when you do it. Publicity will help spread the truth about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to address the real issues. Last week, John McCain was pressured by his Republican handlers to choose an ultra conservative, right wing female to be his running mate. McCain’s first choice was Joe Lieberman and he also seriously considered Tom Ridge. But John McCain, no longer the maverick, folded his hand, adjusted his “Party” hat, and gave into the right wing, neocon Republicans that control him. All you moderate Republicans can forget about “the maverick” because “the maverick” threw away his deck of cards and packed up his guns and he won’t be back. It’s all right wing, Evangelicals all the way until election day and then if he wins, it will be more of Bush and Cheney years.