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What Was The Message

The Blue Dog Democrats are saying that President Obama’s agenda is too progressive and that is why the governor’s races were won by Republicans.  Progressive Democrats are saying that Congress is moving too slowly on health care reform and that is why Republicans won these two governor’s races.  I have a different view.

In Virginia, the Democratic Party had a boring DINO as their candidate so the Democrats just stayed home.  In New Jersey, Corzine had his own issues, mainly, high property taxes.  Too bad for New Jersey, because Christi won’t be any better than Corzine.

The reason that the Democrats lost these two races is because of a poor choice of candidates.  If Democrats want to win next year, then they need candidates that excite the voters, especially the young voters and they need to stop fighting among themselves and get health care reform with a public option passed for Americans.  They also need to do something about keeping good paying jobs in this country and discourage companies from supplying jobs to China.

Republicans always show up to vote regardless of the qualifications of their candidate.  If Stalin or Hilter were the Republican candidate for office, the Republicans would still show up and vote for the Republican.  Democrats don’t operate that way.  Rather than vote for a poor candidate, Democrats will stay home.  This is how Republicans win elections.  It’s not that Republicans have highly qualified candidates that represent the values of Americans, it’s that Democrats have poor candidates.

Let this be a wake-up call to the Democratic Party leaders.  We will no longer hold our noses and vote for someone just because there is a “D” behind their name.  We want strong, progressive candidates who are willing to work for the good of all Americans and not just corporations and Wall Street.

Berks County Elections

If The Voters Only Knew

That Nelson Long was planning on retiring in two years, the outcome from Tuesday’s election may have been different.

Among his plans for the office are straightening out problems in the tax claim office and streamlining the county tax collection system.

Retirement also is on his agenda in two years when he reaches age 72, Long said.

He was just re-elected into office as Treasurer for Berks County. What this means is that he is planning on being a “quitter”. Berks County residents better make sure that an independent audit is done before Long leaves office. After all, he still has some explaining to do to the tax payers regarding monies spent on furniture and trips and there still is that investement risk (derivatives and junk bonds) that tax payers should be concerned about.

Nelson Long… another dishonest Republican bringing “tricks” to the voters.

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Berks County Row Offices – Democrats 2009

Born and raised in Berks County, Charles Corbit will work hard and work smart to make sure the Prothonotary’s Office works for the tax payers of Berks County.  With two decades of private sector experience, Charles will update obsolete technology to reduce costs and ensure secure document filing.  Under his leadership, the Prothonotary’s Office will provide fast retrieval and quality service to all customers.  That’s better for Berks.

It time for someone with energy, leadership experience and computer knowledge to manage the important legal documents that are vital to the tax payers of Berks County.  We need change.  Charles will not spend his time decorating his office for the holidays nor will he be doing “political work” on taxpayer’s time.  Instead, he will be working hard for everyone in Berks County.

Serving the people of Berks County as our present Coroner, Dennis J. Hess has accomplished much in his first term.  By restoring professionalism and integrity to the Coroner’s Office, Dennis and his staff have earned the trust of the people of Berks County and built strong working relationships with all their constituents, including funeral homes, ambulance and fire companies, hospitals, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

Unlike the previous Coroner (Bybel), Dennis Hess has NOT incurred any costly lawsuits against the Coroner’s Office.

With 25 years of leadership experience at Med-Ed and FirstEnergy in finance, operations and administration, Carole can bring fresh thinking to the challenges that face the County and the Treasurer’s Office.  She will improve operations, increase efficiency and control costs through better use of technology and strengthening the departments commitment to customer service.  Carole has the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to work hard for the people of Berks County.

Carole Snyder will establish a policy of openness with all funds and operations, unlike the current Treasurer that refused an Internal Audit.  She will work to minimize the huge pension fund investment losses which must be made up from taxpayer dollars.  The current Treasurer (Nelson Long) oversaw two huge losses of pension funds in excess of $50 million in the past ten years.


Vote straight Democratic Party.  We can not afford 4 more years of Republicans wasting our tax dollars.

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Berks County Row Offices – Republicans 2009

Mary Ann Sutton is the current Prothonotary for Berks County. She is 73 years old and even though she claims to have implemented the software purchased by the tax payers of Berks County for streamlining the document management that is required by the Prothonotary’s office, she doesn’t take full advantage of this software. It’s time for her to retire and enjoy her thirteen grandchildren and her Social Security.  We need a person with leadership and computer skills that will save the tax payer’s money by fully implementing the software purchased by Berks County.  Not someone that is more interested in decorating her office for the holidays than learning new skills that would save Berks County money.  Sutton needs to hire consultants to do the work that she and her staff should be doing.  That’s not efficiency nor is that cost effective.

Now this isn’t illegal, but, it is questionable.  If you visit the Berks County Republican Committee website and click on Maryann Sutton’s name you get a link to her email account (, the one that is paid for by the tax payers of Berks County.  How much “party politics” does Maryann Sutton do on the tax payers time when she should be working for us instead?

Nicholas Bybel, 76 years old, is trying to make a comeback as Coroner for Berks County.  He made a statement to the Pottstown Mercury saying that he was going to fire employees if he gets elected and hire medical staff to do the coroner assistant work.  Berks County was sued for this very reason before, must we visit this again?   Bybel lost the primary 4 years ago to an unknown lawyer because Berk’s County tax payers had enough of covering all the lawsuits that Bybel had incurred against the Coroner’s Office.   He lied by making a false statement regarding endorsements (see previous post).  Besides, he too, should be enjoying his retirement and stop wanting the Berks County tax payers to raise his standard of living.  Our current Coroner is doing an excellent job.  He has NOT incurred any lawsuits because he does his job.  We had Bybel once and that was enough.  Say “bye, bye to Bybel”.

Nelson Long, 70 years old, is the “youngster” running on the Republican ticket.  His position as Treasurer leaves many questions such as:

1. Why does he repeatedly refuse to allow scutiny of the County Record Improvement Fund by Internal Audit?

2.  How does he justify expenditures for furniture, appliances and trips using Record Improvement Money?

3.  Why does he risk losing money in the Berks County pension fund by recommending that the County invest 8% of these funds in junk bonds?  (Can anyone say ‘derivatives’?)

4.  Why did he try to hide the fact that he failed to include the cost of outsourcing work for the Tax Claim office to his campaign Chair by claiming that he saved money when in fact he didn’t?

5.  How does he explain two huge losses of pension fund assets in excess of $50 million (ouch) in the past ten years that he oversaw?

6.  Why does he ignore repeated recommendations of the PA Auditor General to provide proper checks and balances over the handling of cash? (from audit reports for periods ended 2002 and 2006).

7.  Is he too computer illiterate to implement the Cash Management portion of the County’s new computer system that was paid for by the tax payers?


It time for him to retire, also.  We need someone that is willing to use the Record Improvement Fund for its intended purpose as is done in other counties.  Berks County is way behind the times and it is costing the County money.  We need someone that can implement the proper checks and balances to safeguard Berks County assets.  So far, Nelson Long has failed in protecting Berks County assets.  We can’t afford to trust him with our money any longer.

Health Care

Specter Town Hall Lebanon

Yesterday, Senator Arlen Specter held a town hall in Lebanon, PA.  Of course, the “screamers” were there to complain with the “talking points” that were handed to them.  The New York Times reports on this event.  Evidently, the Union members that arrived were told to get to the back of the line.  What caught my attention was this comment by John Stahl of the Berks County Tea Party.

John Stahl, chairman of the Berks County Tea Party, a local branch of conservatives, was one of those who helped recruit opponents of change to the event. A former truck salesman, Mr. Stahl, 65, said he was laid off about 18 months ago. Since May, his group has organized four protests in the state opposing taxes and the stimulus plan, but none have attracted the crowds like health care, he said.

“We believe there are several issues out there that leave the existence of the Republic at risk,” he added, “not the least of which is this Obamacare.”

John Stahl has his government run health care, Medicare, and he is so greedy that he doesn’t want other Americans younger then him to have the same opportunity for affordable health care.  If you take a close look at many of these screaming teabaggers, you will notice that they are of the age where they are receiving Medicare.

As a matter of fact, one woman, age 81, told President Obama that she didn’t want government run health care.  Now what exactly did she think her Medicare is?  Who is paying for her health care now?  We are, collectively, and we deserve the same opportunity for quality, affordable health care.  The Gecko said no to Glenn Beck and his propaganda and we need to say no to the screaming teabaggers that are trying to destroy our country.  And boycott Whole Foods.

One more thing… read about George W. Bush’s death panel.


Prothonotary Candidate – Berks County

What does a Prothonotary do?

The Prothonotary’s office serves a critical role in the county as it handles some of the most important legal documents people will ever need–judgments, civil actions, passports, and more–so the office of the Prothonotary must manage information efficiently and with care.

Charles Corbit is the Democratic candidate that Pennsylvania for Change endorses for Prothonotary for Berks County. To learn more about Charles Corbit, visit his website at:

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It’s That Time Of The Year, Again

It is the German tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day to bring good luck for the coming year.  Usually, this meal is served with the wonderful addition of mashed potatoes.  Yum.

Thank goodness we survived the last 8 years of the Bush/Cheney reign of terror.  Hopefully, we as a nation can move forward to better times and leave the regressive Republicans behind.


And now for a little mummery…

Some history:

The tradition of Philadelphia Mummery started in the late 17th century as a continuation of the Old World customs of ushering in the New Year. Mummery in America is as unique to Philadelphia as Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. For example, the Swedes were Philadelphia’s first settlers. When they came to Tinicum, just outside of Philadelphia, they brought their custom of visiting friends on “Second Day Christmas”, December 26. Later they extended their period of celebration to include New Year’s Day, and welcomed the New Year with masquerades and parades of noisy revelers. Most people carried firearms for protection in those early days of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and it did not take long before pistols and muskets joined with bells and noisemakers to create the sound of a New Year. Those who “shot in” the New Year became New Year’s Shooters, and thus the name much later evolved to officially become the New Year’s Shooters and Mummers Association. Groups would travel from house to house, sing songs, and perform dances — all to be rewarded with food and drink.

By the 1870’s, what had been an uncoordinated group of neighborhood celebrations turned into an area-wide parade with two main groups of participants: Fancy Dress and Comic clubs.  The City of Philadelphia finally sponsored and organized the first official Mummers Parade on January 1, 1901.

And more about the mummers as:

The best part of the mummers parade is being there and watching it LIVE.

I’ve shared some of the local traditions of southeastern Pennsylvania.  What are your traditions for starting the New Year?

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Meet the Author – Eric Saar

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SUNDAY, JULY 27th, 6pm


A gripping portrait of one soldier’s six months at the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – a powerful, searing journey into a surreal world completely unique in the American experience and a vital account of the real story “Inside the Wire”


Bring a dish…or just show up!
Share some food and interesting conversation.
Meetings are always the second and fouth Sunday unless otherwise indicated.
tel: 484 646 9525
web: kutztowndemocrats

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Kutztown Area Democratic Club

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Here’s some updated information regarding the Kutztown Area Democratic Club. In preparation for the exciting upcoming general election, the club has a new location.

The new address is: 181 West Main Street, Kutztown, PA.

There will be a flea market at this address on June 26 and 27. If you have items to contribute to this flea market, contact the Kutztown Area Democratic Club.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the club’s “Grand Opening”. It will be an event that you won’t want to miss.

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The Obama Phenomenon hits Berks County

OK, I’ve been involved as a volunteer in campaigns for some time now, local state, and federal. Everything from township supervisor to president of the United States. I know when a candidate gets support, and I can sense the level of support, from disinterest to, well, passionately absorbed. I have to tell you that the Obama campaign, which has a small cadre of paid staffers in the little town of Reading PA (pop. 75,000?) has taken the region by surprise. The story is in the numbers. As was reported in these pages a few days ago, Berks County had about 3000 new Democratic registrants since the beginning of the year, while the Republicans have had 179. Well in less than a week, those numbers will increase by several thousand. Teams of enthusiastic volunteers from Berks County, under the direction of Obama staffers, are swarming out to all high traffic areas in the city and county and registering new and cross-over voters in droves. Yesterday, thanks to my wife, I had the grunt task of adding those new registrations to the Vote Builder data base. Folks, the two of us spent over 4 hours there, and barely made a dent in the pile. This man, and this campaign are combing through the under-story of the local political landscape to find tons of new registrants (folks who never bothered to care, from their early twenties to oldsters in their eighties), and party-switchers (about 10% of the registrations I handled). The story is plain and simple. No other candidate on the political scene in my memory has tapped into voter radar like Barack Obama. And these new registrants are being entered in to the state and national Democratic databases, under the Obama tag. Don’t think party regulars (read super delegates) aren’t taking notice. Another update: The Philadelphia campaign office has already exceeded its registration goals. Bob Roggio (candidate U.S. House of Rep. 6th Cong. District) do you know where your coattails are being made? Pollsters tapping Pennsylvania’s mood, do you understand why you will be way off mark in your opinion polling for this upcoming primary? (For the under-informed, pollsters contact likely voters… those who have voted often in several previous elections, and they don’t call cell phones, which I entered a lot of yesterday.). Hey Hillary… ‘a cold wind is gonna blow.