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Who DOESN’T Want to Have a Beer With this Guy

McCain the Arrogent.  This man is always the bully.  Here he is bullying the press and the he wonders why the press doesn’t like him.

(thanks to Bryan Leftwitz at DailyKos for the video link)

Guess the “Georgetown Coctail Party” group doesn’t invite McCain to join them.  And listen how he dances around the health care issue, you know, the one that the taxpayers are paying for.

You can see the entire interview here

UPDATE:  You’ll want to read this Diary written by an Alaska State Representative if you want the truth about Sarah Palin.  Looks like McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” takes a detour when it comes to Palin.

Now that I think of it, straight talk doesn’t necessarily mean truthful talk.  It means “I say what I want regardless of whether it’s the truth or a lie.”

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