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Weekly Address – January 16, 2010

President Obama wants the banks to pay back the taxpayer.  That’s a good thing.  Will the Tea Party agree with the President or are they hypocrites that only complain about the Wall Street bailout and the deficit and still turn their backs on our President even when he does what they want him to do?  Which one is it?  I’m not convinced that the Tea Party members really know their history.  They could be acting on a fantasy especially if they relied on the common history books that were used in public schools as their source for information.

Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate, Republican Scott Brown who is supported by the Tea Party and Wall Street banks and other outsiders, opposes fees on banks that would payback the taxpayers.

Another thing, Scott Brown says that he will vote to repeal health care reform.  Be aware, this repeal INCLUDES doing away with Medicare.

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American Independence… As It Should Be

The other day, I drove past a house that was decorated in confederate flags.  Not one American flag was displayed on this person’s property.  It made me start to wonder why is this person still living in the United States of America.

After Christopher Columbus sailed to these shores and back, more Europeans decided that they were no longer happy living in England, France and Spain, just to name a few.  They left their homelands and ventured across the Atlantic ocean in the hopes of finding a place that better suited their ideals.

If these unpatriotic Americans, the ones flying the confederate flag which is a symbol of secession, are so unhappy, then they should do what the Europeans did 400 or more years ago, pack up and leave.  Find another country.

Happy Independence Day!

Notice all the happy faces in the crowd.  That’s because they know that George W. Bush will be out of office within 7 months.  Now that was something to celebrate!


The Green Carpet Revolution

Paoli Lion has a great post at PennPortal that links to a carpet manufacturer, Bloomsburg Carpet,  that makes carpets out of wool.  Prior to the “plastic revolution”, carpets were made out of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.   Stop by and visit the Penn Portal for all good things “Made in Pennsylvania”.   You would be surprised at how many quality products are still made in the United States.  These are not large manufacturers like John Deere, but smaller ones that provide jobs for Americans and make products that are of high quality.

Back in the ’70’s, the mantras were “Buy American” and “Look for the Union label”.  During the Reagan revolution, the Union label mantra was dismantled.  Former President George H. W. Bush, removed the buy American mantra when he proclaimed that is was now a “World Economy” and President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA which opened more doors for jobs to be sent to Mexico without consequence to the manufacturer.  Yet, despite all the effort by the Government to allow big corporations to eliminate their competition, small manufacturers are still surviving.  Why?  Because Americans still want quality and safety in products that they purchase.  All the toxic products that come from China is turning Americans away from cheap Chinese junk and Mexico is not producing products that equal the quality of products made in the United States.

Support our economy.  Buy local and buy American.

Contact your Congress person and ask them to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

UPDATE: “Union Made” from Artex Knitting Mills right here in Pennsylvania.  Love the hats.    🙂    Look for these products in your local stores.  Let’s keep Americans working.  Read more about Artex Knitting Mills here


I Have A Dream

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday…

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We Are All Americans


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Yes, We Can

And we will but we still have a lot of work to do. VOLUNTEER… check with your local Obama/Biden office and find out how you can help.

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