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Springtime Clips

Ah, the first crocus on the hill!

  • Now that I caught you attention with the flowers, there is something that you should know… “big agriculture” sent an email to First Lady, Michelle Obama, opposing the “organic vegetable garden” that she planted at the White House. You can read the complete email by clicking here… Anyone that reads this blog is well aware of how I feel regarding “big agriculture” and their attempt to control the world by owning our food sources. If it was up to “big ag”, home gardens would be against the law unless we plant Monsanto “Franken seeds” and poison our soil with their toxic chemicals.
  • And I thought we were onto something here… possibly put an end to more live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. On March 14, the National Women’s Humane Society (NWHS) alerted officials to a pigeon shoot that took place in Andulusia. As a result of this action by the NWHS, Philadelphia Gun Club president, was cited for alleged animal cruelty and violation of anti-hunting ordanance within the township. Of course, the gun club is fighting this citation. This isn’t alleged cruelty to animals. It IS cruelty to animals. If you are still not convinced, then watch this video
  • Here is another reason why we need National Health Care. I won’t repeat this story because you can read about it at TheZoo. Here was a person that missed an important doctor’s appointment because he was concerned about mounting health care costs. That’s not right. It’s un-American that our Congress gets great health care paid for by the tax payers while we are left to fend for ourselves.
  • There is an approaching storm in Congress regarding President Obama’s budget. The President tells us that he is a “persistent” person and his main focus in the budget is health care reform, education and energy independence. Something tells me that President Obama’s persistence will pay off.
Approaching Thunderstorm
Approaching Thunderstorm

Don’t Let Them Do It

Big agriculture and factory farms are at it again. They never give up.

There is a bill in Congress, HR875, that is a threat to organic gardening. It could even put your small family plot at risk.

The original text of the bill can be viewed here….

Geezer Power, at Suzie-Q has more information and links along with a video.

Farmer Abuse:

(Did Monsanto “drop seed” on purpose? Does Monsanto own the judges?)

This is what the Monsanto Police do to the farmers in this nation and is brought to you by the Republicans and Bush. If Monsanto is allowed to continue with this food terrorism, we will return to feudalism.

(This video was filmed during the Bush Administration. Let’s make change happen during the Obama Administration.)

Whoever owns the food supply, rules the world.

Contact your Congressperson and tell them to vote “NO” on HR875.

Animal cruelty Food

Is That Milk Really Organic?

Not only are corporations laying off their workers, Horizon milk will be canceling contracts with local dairy farmers. This will put many dairy farmers out of business. What happens to the cows when the farm closes? They either get sold or put down.

Pressure has been placed on PA state legislators to have the label changed on milk so that the consumer could not tell the difference between the milk that came from factory farms and the milk that came from farms where the cows were free roaming. When cows live in factory farms they are confined to a small area which is stressful to the animal. As the term “factory” indicates, these cows are forced to produce more milk. In order to do this, the cows must be given additional hormones and other chemicals which causes infections in their milk ducts thus producing pus in the milk.

Horizon will be building a huge factory farm in New Mexico. Orangeclouds115 at Daily Kos has more on this topic which I recommend reading. The details and pictures are all in the diary.

Some factory farm facts here and here

Whoever owns the food, will rule the world. Beware of Monsanto and Horizon.

(note: I am not a vegetarian and this article is not meant to promote a vegetarian diet. The purpose is to promote humane treatment of farm animals. Know the source for your food.)