Joe Sestak Pennsylvania Senate Race Videos

He Knows What It Means to Serve Our Country

Joe Sestak is spending his life serving our nation.  Pat Toomey spends his life serving Wall Street.

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Your Duty To Your Country

Your duty to save our nation. This November, the fight is to save the very soul of our nation.

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Veterans Have Something to Say to Gerlach

Politics Videos

The Big Club

Democrats Videos

A Congressman with Real Courage

This video speaks for itself.  It’s about time someone calls out these Republicans that always try to interrupt when someone else is speaking.

Republicans Videos

The New Republican Party

The Contract On America


Andrew Breitbart Hearts Terrorists

From MoveOn…  Priceless and funny.

Music Videos

Misguided Angel

I heard this on the radio this morning.  It is such a great song by a fantastic group.

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What Republicans Want for Americans

Republicans are the “economic royalists”.  A note to the Tea Party, you will be left out in the streets, too, if Republicans gain control of Congress.  These economic royalists don’t give a rat’s behind about you.  The Tea Party members are nothing more than tools for these economic royalists.

Environment - Gas Drilling Videos

Fire Water

Here’s the trailer to a documentary that is worth watching.  Are we giving up clean drinking water for a little bit of gas?  If you thought that oil drilling is the only environmental danger, guess again.

If we continue on this path of self destruction for the benefit of big energy corporations, then there may be some truth to the Mayan calendar.