Health Party Building

Health Care Forum

Healthcare Forum July 9th, 7pm in Reading Hosted by Berks for Obama

Moderated by
Valerie Arkoosh, MD, MPH, President-Elect, National Physicians Alliance
Manan Trivedi, MD, health policy advisor to the Obama campaign
Peter Rye, Executive Vice President, Brentwood Industries
SEIU union representative

Healthcare policy is one of the foremost issues of our time, but also one of the most confusing and contentious. This important public forum is designed to help us understand the issues from a variety of perspectives. Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session, as well as recommendations for further action.

When: Thursday July 9, 2009
Where: First Unitarian Universalist Church
416 Franklin Street, Reading
Park in the Cherry Street lot
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
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Just Ask – UPDATED with Links to Results

Twelve years ago in June, my husband and I moved into our current home.   The first chance that we got to vote in our new neighborhood was during the general election.  When I went to vote, I was greeted outside by a man who introduced himself and handed me a pen with his name on it.  He told me that he was running for Township Supervisor and he asked me to vote for him.  I asked him his views on environmental issues.  Turns out, he is a strong advocate of open space.   He won the election.  I told you that so that I can tell you this…  there was no one from either party standing outside the polls working for candidates other than the man running for Township Supervisor.  The Republican turnout in this township was strong and the Democratic turnout was weak.

This absence of party representation continued throughout the years.  The Republicans would place signs along the building and the Democrats had no information available.  Then came the year 2004 and George W. Bush was running for re-election.  We got involved with the Kerry Campaign which then introduced us to a group of like minded Democrats that were bound and determined to get out the vote for Kerry.  As a result, during the general election of 2004, my husband and I set up shop outside the poll with information about Democrats that were on the ballot.  We met many Democrats from our area which gave us a good feeling because in 2004, the Republicans outnumbered the Democrats in our voting precinct.  In 2005, we were both elected as Democratic Committee Precinct Leaders.

Since then, every general election, we set up shop complete with table, chairs and candy outside the poll.  We have been able to recruit volunteers to help with coverage.  Some volunteers even brought food, coffee and tea.  Last year, during the highly contested primary in PA, we asked Democrats if they would like to join our email list.  We told them that we would not abuse their email address and that we would only contact them prior to elections.  This worked out great during the general election of 2008 because we were able to get complete poll coverage not only at our voting precinct but also at other voting precincts that were missing Democratic Committe Precinct Leaders.  We also made phone calls and sent out postcards listing all the Democratic Candidates.  When the results were final, the part of the County that we and the volunteers covered went from red to blue.  This is remarkable.  The Democrats came out and voted.

Because of our visability at the poll over several years, we have made many new friends (it becomes a party atmosphere) and found that getting help to Get Out The Vote at election time is not too difficult.  All we had to do was ask and volunteers stepped forward.


Link to unofficial results of primary Berks County by Precinct Check out the results in Oley and Pike.  The Democrats came out and voted in this very off year election.  Oley has a higher number of Republicans than Democrats and Pike has 8 more Democrats than Republicans.   Yet the the number of votes by Democrats for the row offices outnumber the number of votes by Republicans.  Good job!

Link to unofficial results total for Berks County.

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Florida Is Truly A Swing State Again… And Some New Swing States…BTW I’m Back

Welcome back Florida is all I can say (and welcome back to me to this board) I was one of the people that had for the most part had left FL for dead with how much red-er the state had gotten from the 2000 election to the one in 04. Also the state keeps getting older add in the percieved problem that the jewish community had with Obama (mostly due to to falsehoods)… Polling was also showing a pretty heafty McCain lead so in my computations I colored this state red with new polls today from two sources this could mean a great deal for Obama in the fall as his odds are now at 3-1 to win (I will explain more about this in another post later)…

Obama’s popularity is swelling in alot of other states as well, particuarly in appalachia which he had so much trouble with in the primary, WV is no longer a solid Red state for McCain with recent polls tightning this state could be intertesting in the fall, I still have my doubts though.

Now its common knowledge that the key to winning back the white house since 04′ was to go west McCain screwed us going after AZ but CO and NM are definetly in play for Obama, in fact to me its looking that Colorodo is starting to look like a LIKELY win for Obama, but I never in my wildest dreams though that the West Plan would go this far west… 


That’s right Alaska a virtual certainty to be red has become a bonfide swing state based on recent polls and actually it’s been polling close from the start… November is starting to look like it could be a landslide for Obama… In fact at this point its more likely that Obama will get 400 Electoral votes than McCain getting to 270 to even win.  (Again I will post more about this later).

All in all a great polling day for Obama as the unity bounce is working its magic… NH, OH, PA all  +7 for Obama and that’s the average of the last several polls, throw FL and VA in the mix and McCain’s path to the White House is looking largely blocked.


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The Obama Phenomenon hits Berks County

OK, I’ve been involved as a volunteer in campaigns for some time now, local state, and federal. Everything from township supervisor to president of the United States. I know when a candidate gets support, and I can sense the level of support, from disinterest to, well, passionately absorbed. I have to tell you that the Obama campaign, which has a small cadre of paid staffers in the little town of Reading PA (pop. 75,000?) has taken the region by surprise. The story is in the numbers. As was reported in these pages a few days ago, Berks County had about 3000 new Democratic registrants since the beginning of the year, while the Republicans have had 179. Well in less than a week, those numbers will increase by several thousand. Teams of enthusiastic volunteers from Berks County, under the direction of Obama staffers, are swarming out to all high traffic areas in the city and county and registering new and cross-over voters in droves. Yesterday, thanks to my wife, I had the grunt task of adding those new registrations to the Vote Builder data base. Folks, the two of us spent over 4 hours there, and barely made a dent in the pile. This man, and this campaign are combing through the under-story of the local political landscape to find tons of new registrants (folks who never bothered to care, from their early twenties to oldsters in their eighties), and party-switchers (about 10% of the registrations I handled). The story is plain and simple. No other candidate on the political scene in my memory has tapped into voter radar like Barack Obama. And these new registrants are being entered in to the state and national Democratic databases, under the Obama tag. Don’t think party regulars (read super delegates) aren’t taking notice. Another update: The Philadelphia campaign office has already exceeded its registration goals. Bob Roggio (candidate U.S. House of Rep. 6th Cong. District) do you know where your coattails are being made? Pollsters tapping Pennsylvania’s mood, do you understand why you will be way off mark in your opinion polling for this upcoming primary? (For the under-informed, pollsters contact likely voters… those who have voted often in several previous elections, and they don’t call cell phones, which I entered a lot of yesterday.). Hey Hillary… ‘a cold wind is gonna blow.