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Misguided Angel

I heard this on the radio this morning.  It is such a great song by a fantastic group.

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Sunday Bluegrass – July 18, 2010

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The Rise of the Black Tea Party

What if the Tea Party was black?

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Nelson Mandela

I remember hearing on the news that black South Africans stood in line for days and traveled for days just so that they could vote for the very first time. Apartheid was cruel. The Dutch and the English really had no right to take South Africa away from its indigenous people.

This is a very old song. We should not forget the suffering that Apartheid created. The black South Africans were so grateful to finally vote. Here in America, less than 50% of the eligible population votes. In 2009, there was less than a 25% turn out. Shame on all the Americans that stayed home. We should never take our right to vote for granted.


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Pandora shut the box in time.  I still have hope and faith in our President.  The alternative to Barack Obama is not acceptable and would be dangerous to our health, wealth and safety.

Democracy Is Coming To The USA.  Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the GOPers need to come back to reality.  Barack Obama is our democratically elected President.

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We Are All Immigrants

Steve Earle is a fantastic singer/songwriter and this song is dedicated to all those wild and crazy teabaggers that have their knickers in a knot about immigrants.

That’s right folks… all of us are immigrants except for the Native Americans.

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The George Bush Society

In honor of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Rush Limbaugh

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United Breaks Guitars

True story…  the performers’ goal is to have 1 millions views.  Feel free to pass it along.

HT: MsLibrarian at Daily Kos.

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American Independence… As It Should Be

The other day, I drove past a house that was decorated in confederate flags.  Not one American flag was displayed on this person’s property.  It made me start to wonder why is this person still living in the United States of America.

After Christopher Columbus sailed to these shores and back, more Europeans decided that they were no longer happy living in England, France and Spain, just to name a few.  They left their homelands and ventured across the Atlantic ocean in the hopes of finding a place that better suited their ideals.

If these unpatriotic Americans, the ones flying the confederate flag which is a symbol of secession, are so unhappy, then they should do what the Europeans did 400 or more years ago, pack up and leave.  Find another country.

Happy Independence Day!

Notice all the happy faces in the crowd.  That’s because they know that George W. Bush will be out of office within 7 months.  Now that was something to celebrate!