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John McCain, you cannot have Alex

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The Real John McCain

Do you want to know how other Vietnam Vets and POWs think and feel about John McCain? Is John McCain really a hero or just the self-centered son of a Navy Admiral that spent 5 years in a POW camp along with hundreds of other American POWs. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Dr. Butler wrote an article for about his experience as a POW and his experience as a freshman cadet at the navel academy during the time that McCain was a senior cadet.  According to people that know him, John McCain has always been reckless.  My guess is that John McCain has some very real anger issues.

Here’s a link to what other Vietnam Veteran POWs have to say about the real John McCain. It’s worth reading.

More on McCain and his involvement with the USS Forrestal fire in 1967.

John McCain was known to be reckless.  Reminds me of the boy Bush in his younger years.  The only difference is that John McCain served in Vietnam whereas the coward boy Bush decided Vietnam was something he wanted to skip participating in.

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A Dollar Fifty Patriot

A Dollar Fifty Patriot




or why I don’t celebrate memorial day)


Monday is officially Memorial Day. This weekend, however, our nation’s beaches will be full of laughing half-naked tourists looking to shake that pale, white tone of skin they earned through a winter full of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Superbowl dinners. The stores will be full of shoppers eager to make a penny on a buck savings on cheap, dime-store plastic items they really don’t need. Backyards will be spent grilling and barbecuing cholesterol laden foods which will inevitably cause a night’s worth of painful indigestion. Alcohol will be consumed by the gallons to be rewarded by a Monday or Tuesday morning hangover. All to remember our fallen dead.

Memorial Day is to be celebrated as a day of remembrance; to honor those who have fallen in the service of our country. Originally started to remember the dead of the Civil War, the holiday has grown to encompass all of the wars of the 19th, 20th ,and now 21st century. Overall, including the Revolutionary War, some 1.2 to 1.3 million men and women have answered the call and have paid the ultimate price for their country.

On Memorial Day, everyone feels patriotic. Flags, not ordinarily seen during the year, will come out in droves. Kids will paint their faces in red,white and blue colors and people will pat a veteran, one whom they probably never would have talked to otherwise, on the back to say, ‘good job’. Everyone can be a patriot and for a ‘buck fifty’ you can buy those cheap yellow decals to put on your car that says, “I support the troops”. For one day, everyone can feel as if they’ve done their part.

But have they?

It’s nice that you take a day to honor our serviceman who’ve died for our nation, even when our nation was in the wrong, but what about the other 363 days?

Ask anyone on the street if they know what happened in Iraq today and you’ll get a “I don’t know” answer. Ask about Afghanistan and you’ll get a response of ‘where’s that’?

Ask a person on the street how many have died in the Iraq War and you’ll get a range of answers from about a hundred to ten thousand (4,069 as of last week). But while they cannot remember how many fell in battle this month they sure as hell can tell you who is still standing on American Idol or how many rebounds a NBA player made or homeruns their first baseman hit.

You see, I don’t think that America is feeling the sting of this war enough. Other than having to pay over $4 bucks for gas, they just aren’t feeling this war as our parents and grandparents did in Viet Nam or the Second World War. I don’t see rationing of any kind. I don’t see posters asking you to buy war bonds. I don’t see recruiters on the streets or a lottery being held to determine the draft. I do, however, see a lot of people at Starbucks and with heavy shopping bags at local malls.

Where’s the love?

“I support the troops” this funny, little decal, made in China, says but do you really? When is the last time you even visited a military base? When is the last time you ever visited a hospital to comfort the wounded? Do you even know that many returning veterans are still not receiving the care they deserve? How about our troops in the field? How are they?

While we come home to the safety of our homes, our soldiers live in the field, sleeping on the ground, in the cold, dusty, hard sands of Iraq and Afghanistan. Showering is a luxury and hot meals ever more while people back home are stopping off at McDonald’s on their way home or stuffing themselves at Red Lobster.

Patriotism is much more than waving a red, white and blue flag or having a yellow decal on your car. It’s much more than voting Republican or joining the American Legion. It’s much more than talking big at a bar, fueled by alcoholic liquid courage, about how many Iraqis you’d kill if you were there. If you belief in it that much, you should do something about it.

Talk, my friends, is cheap.

Patriotism, my dear, unforgiving countrymen, is about sacrifice which very few are willing to perform.

Sacrifice means giving up something freely for another. In America, I just don’t see much of that. You may call me bias, but as I walk through the Center City portion of Philadelphia, that famed City of Brotherly Love, I am still ashamed of the growing number of homeless people which many of us here pass on by without a second glance. By the way, the number of homeless veterans (Iraq and Afghanistan) is growing at an alarming rate. It stands currently at 1 in 4 but looks to go even higher.

So, I ask, where is your support?

Employers continue to look the other way at a returning vet. Why? Because they are afraid of having to pay the bill if our returning soldier should suffer effects of PTSD or incur a recurring health problem. It’s better just not to hire them than to have to get involved. So, our vet, our returning hero, comes home to no job, finding himself collecting unemployment and welfare. In an instant, he went from hero to bum.

Where is your support?

Why are there no cries when our President refuses to grant a GI Bill to repay those who’ve served their country with benefits to go to college? Why are people not ringing the phones off the hooks of our Senators and Representatives? Why aren’t people holding our politicians responsible for how our vets and soldiers are being treated?

I just don’t think you are getting it people.

But, I guess people need to feel their comforts; to be a part of something even when they are not. They need to drown themselves in a 12 pack of Bud or a face full of hamburger. They need to walk around with blinders on. To continue living their lives as if nothing is wrong. To wrap themselves around their flag and bang their drums and talk their talk of devotion and duty from the safety of their home.

That dollar fifty patriot must sure feel good about themselves.

I can’t celebrate Memorial Day anymore. It’s a fake holiday with a fake sense of patriotism. I won’t celebrate it because I feel that we should be remembering our soldiers every day and not just once a year.

America, be proud!

Welcome home boys! Fire up the grill!

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McCain’s YouTube Nightmare

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GOP Presidential Candidate John McCain Doesn’t Like Veterans…

John McCain thinks that Senator’s Webb GI Bill is too generous to our veterans. He supports the Republican plan which would increase the number of years of service before our veterans can get their full benefits.

A little bit about Webb’s bill;

The bill is, for all intents and purposes, a non-controversial measure offering veterans who have served three years educational benefits equal to the highest tuition rates of in-state public universities. Updating an antiquated system that was implemented during World War II, Webb’s legislation took more than a year to craft and currently has 57 co-sponsors.

McCain believes that Webb’s bill is too generous to the people that served our nation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, working with Sen. John McCain, recently introduced competing legislation that modestly increases the monthly education benefits for active-duty and reserve personnel, adds incentives to stay in the army, and allows officers to transfer education benefits to their children. But veterans under their measure would have to serve 12 years before garnering the maximum, $2,000 a month, benefit.

And to think, there was once a time when our nation truly honored it’s veterans. After WWII, our veterans received excellent benefits particularly help with payment for their college tuition. Something happened along the way. The Reagonites and those that followed didn’t want to continue with this so-called “government handout”. Instead, it has become an everyman for themselves attitude. There is no “thank you” for your service. Instead, Veterans’ hospitals are turning away veterans that need care and veterans are having difficulty finding jobs in this slow economy. Yet, John McCain doesn’t want to increase Veteran benefits. He refuses to get on board with Senator Jim Webb’s Veteran Benefits bill. And then there is the issue with BUSH… he promised to veto this bill because it exceeds his interests.

The Defense Department’s concern with this bill is that it will discourage re-enlistment in the all-volunteer army and right now, Bush’s wars need all the bodies it can get for its multiple deployments.

Defense officials are alarmed by the very real prospect that Congress this year will enact the robust GI Bill education plan designed by Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.). One Defense official, who declined to be named, described the bill as a “retention killer” for the all-volunteer military.

Webb reintroduced his bill, the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act (S. 22), last week with changes that attracted strong bipartisan support, including the endorsement of Sen. John Warner (Va.), former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Senator Jim Webb understands that not all people that want to serve their country by joining the military are interested in making the military a “career”. Many volunteers see military service as a duty and it is this group that S. 22 addresses.

Webb said, that a volunteer military is “only a career system to a certain point.” The current system isn’t properly rewarding those who enter “because of love of country, or family tradition, or the fact that they just want to serve for a while,” he said.

More on S. 22 here.

One might think that John McCain being a veteran and all, would support S. 22. Instead, John McCain will side with his buddy and mentor, George W Bush and will refuse to increase our veterans’ benefits.

John McCain and George W Bush – see the love?


Shame on you, Senator McCain.

h/t Huffingtonpost

UPDATE: From VoteVets. This is a disgrace. If this is the “Change” that Republicans will bring, well then, we don’t need their freakin’ change.

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