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The Audacity of Hope

There are the 30-40 second clips of the Reverend Wright, and then there is the sermon “The Audacity of Hope”. How can you not be inspired? Below is a link to the entire sermon.

From Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic

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Barack Obama on Larry King tonight

If you get the chance, Larry King will host on hour of Barack Obama this evening on CNN.

This should be great media coverage for Barack.

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It really is about Race… and not Religion

For a nation that boasts about equality and democracy, it certainly portrays a double standard. How is it that Senator Vitter still holds his position in Congress and Governor Spetzer had to resign? They both found “comfort” in the arms of prostitutes, but one had to resign while the other can blame illegal immigrants for his lewd behavior. The same goes for religion and religious speakers such as priests and pastors. The right wing embraces all the hate that the fundamentalists dish out and get their knickers in a bunch when a non-fundamentalist preacher speaks against injustice. What’s the difference? The fundamentalist preachers are WHITE and the non-fundamentalist preacher is BLACK and different races are held to different standards.

For more on this, read this article

It’s eye opening to see how the Republican party has embraced the Religious right while at the same time attacking Barack Obama based on statements made by his minister. That’s like holding me, a Catholic, accountable for the abuse of children by priests just because I’m of the same faith.

Yes, we do live in two different Americas. The one that is filled with hate and anger and vengence and the one that is filled with tolerance and acceptance.