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End the Crisis in Gaza

By David Gibson and Dr. Janet Amighi,

While Israel claims it is under threat, its own actions and policies are actually the driving force of Palestinian resistance.  It is most extreme in Gaza.

Gaza is kept shut off by land, sea and air from the rest of the world and even from their relatives in the West Bank. They cannot export their products or import needed supplies to rebuild after each Israeli incursion or bombing. They are locked in an overcrowded prison with undrinkable water and worse and then condemned as terrorists if they protest.  Gaza is permanently under siege- who can live like that?

Now as Israel attacks, Gazans run terrorized in the streets or cower in their homes with nowhere to flee. (Warning leaflets dropped from the air have no use when there is no place to evacuate to.) They have no shelters, they cannot become refugees. They can’t even get ambulances through to collect the wounded and the many dead. Even on the beach a group of boys are not safe.  They are trapped victims of an unbelievable horror. No one comes to their aid.

What is the cause of this brutal attack?  Israel says it is self-defense, against rockets, against kidnappers, against tunnels.  Palestinian leaders in Gaza say they will not accept a ceasefire until the blockade is lifted, that they will not stop resisting until they can lead tolerable lives.

According to Nathan Thrall writing in the New York Times, the trigger of this most recent Israeli attack against Gaza was the Reconciliation Agreement under which Hamas agreed to turn over leadership of Gaza to President Abbas and his Fattah party and create a unity government.  The West at first supported this move, but Israel resisted and her allies fell into line. Thrall calls it, “Gaza and Israel: The Road to War, Paved by the West, (July 17, 2014).  He claims that Israel is trying to preserve the status quo- keeping control over Palestinian land, water, and lives.

The US is Israeli’s willing ally to the tune of 3 billion dollars a year in military aid, not because it is in our national interest, but because our politicians are afraid to confront right wing actions by the Israeli government.

The United States can help save both Israeli and Palestinian lives by demanding a lasting ceasefire, lifting the blockade on Gaza, ending U.S. military aid to Israel (or at least withholding such aid until a ceasefire begins and lasts for, say six months), hold all sides accountable for human rights violations, and engage with all Palestinian factions (including Hamas).

Peace, Shalom, and Salam to all

Please take action for peace in Palestine and Israel.

Call the White House comment line:


Demand a ceasefire and suspension of U.S.  weapons and military aid to Israel.

To call your Member of Congress:

US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

To locate your Member on-line:
U.S. House of Representatives:
U.S. Senate:

White House:

Demand a ceasefire and suspension of U.S. weapons and military aid to Israel.

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How many people are using YOUR Social Security Number?

This is insane. We all are concerned about identity theft and credit card expenses incurred because of this theft. There is another identity theft that happens strictly for the employment of illegal immigrants. Now, I understand why people are sneaking into our country illegally. NAFTA and the “Corporate Agriculture” have destroyed jobs and shut down the family farms in Mexico. The WalMarts and Monsantos have lowered the income of Mexicans so they come to the US to find better paying jobs. The Bush/Cheney administration turns the other way and won’t address illegal immigration because certain lobbyists and supporters don’t want to pay minimum wage so it’s beneficial to hire illegals and pay them $3.00/hour under the table. The illegals can move up in the pay scale if they get a Social Security number. This allows them to work at places like Burger King for $5.50/hour. To the illegal, this is a big step in pay. Just where do these illegals get Social Security numbers? Well, for $200.00, they can buy one on the streets of Los Angeles. These are Social Security numbers that are stolen and used only to get a job and not to establish credit.

When this happens, it becomes a complicated mess. One Social Security number can have numerous names attached to it. MSNBC explains what can happen here. The IRS has no interest in pursuing the thieves because the money paid into the system doesn’t get spent. It sits in a sheltered fund. Interesting, wouldn’t you agree? And Congress isn’t doing anything about it either.

Contact your Representatives and Senators and have them doing something about this Social Security theft. Because, the first one to collect will be the one to benefit and you better hope that you get to collect before the illegal does otherwise there might not be anything there for you.

Find your Representative here.

Find your Senator here.


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DNC chairman under Bill Clinton: Unite behind Obama

Wow. Superdelegate Joe Andrew DNC chairman under Bill Clinton made the announcement in his home town of Indianapolis today. This is huge for Obama! Read Joe Andrew’s letter at the link below.

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