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Republicans and Military and John McCain

Let’s make this video viral…

McCain will make “Cheney look like Ghandi”. Hummm… now that is a really scary thought.

Pass this video around the Internet. Post to your blog and pass it along to everyone.

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Operation: Yellow Elephant


When you get the chance, check out Operation Yellow Elephant. You will get a complete understanding of how strongly the Republicans don’t support our troops.

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What does the majority think?

Looks like the majority of Americans think that talking with our enemies is a good idea. Duh…

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The Gallup Poll has the details here

(ht C & L)

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Appease this… Bush and McCain

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McCain’s YouTube Nightmare

Thanks to Brave New Films… Share this with everyone you know.

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McCain’s “Spiritual Guide” wants America to destroy Islam

Maybe this is what John McCain meant when he said “100 years”.


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More on the Nuclear option…

Ten photos taken by an unknown photographer have been released. These photographs were taken several days after the bombing of Hiroshima. You can see these photos here WARNING: these photos are graphic and may be upsetting. It shows the truth of what remains after a nuclear attack.