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Two Polls That Should Scare The Crap Out Of PA Dem’s

May 6, 2009

Public Opinion StrategiesPennsylvania

Favorable / Unfavorable
Sen. Arlen Specter (D): 50 / 40 (chart)
Pat Toomey (R): 29 / 13
Rom Ridge (R): 67 / 18
Peg Luksik (R): 5 / 3
Joe Sestak (D) 15 / 3

2010 Senate – Republican Primary
Ridge 51, Roomey 21, Luksik 2
Ridge 60, Toomey 23

2010 Senate – Democratic Primary
Specter 57, Sestak 20

2010 Senate – General Election
Specter 49, Toomey 40
Ridge 48, Specter 41


May 6, 2009

Susquehanna Polling & Research


2010 Senate – General Election
Specter 42, Toomey 36
Ridge 39, Specter 38

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Times Tough

The job situation is becoming worse. Each day, news outlets are reporting another Corporate lay off effecting thousands of people’s lives. When I drive around my neighborhood, I see more and more “For Sale” signs in front of houses.  I even saw one house that had a “For Sale” sign and a “For Rent” sign in front of it. Either option was acceptable to the homeowner.  Now that’s desperation.

President Obama created a stimulus plan that would help put Americans back to work. He presented this plan to the House of Representatives hoping that Congress would write a job stimulus bill. After a few days of discussion, the House passed a bill which removed some of the spending and added more tax cuts.

The House stimulus bill is now with that elite group, the Senators, and the so called “Moderates” or “Centrists” have brutally chopped away at the “spending” and added more tax cuts. For 8 years, the Republican mantra has been tax cuts and more tax cuts. Since our economy is taking a nose dive over a cliff (h/t Daily Kos), it is obvious that these tax cuts didn’t save us. So what do the Republicans want more of in this stimulus bill? You guessed it, more tax cuts. They want to continue doing the same thing over and over again even though it never worked in the past. There is a word for this behavior. It is called insanity.

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Here we go again, more Republican lies

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There’s an update at the bottom of this post and that is why I am re-submitting this thread.

More Republican lies brought to the American people by the big oil companies. These House Republicans that are acting like spoiled children don’t have to worry about getting paid by the taxpayers for their temper tantrums and whining while the House is not in session. The big oil companies are picking up the tab.

On Friday and again on Monday, the House Republicans say that we need to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Good idea, however, the oil companies are not at all concerned with selling more oil in the United States. This is the dirty little secret that isn’t being told to the American public.

(the original article has been removed. This is a copy of a “cached” file)

WASHINGTON3 (Reuters) – While the U.S. oil industry want access to more federal lands to help reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, American-based companies are shipping record amounts of gasoline and diesel fuel to other countries.

A record 1.6 million barrels a day in U.S. refined petroleum products were exported during the first four months of this year, up 33 percent from 1.2 million barrels a day over the same period in 2007. Shipments this February topped 1.8 million barrels a day for the first time during any month, according to final numbers from the Energy Department.

The surge in exports appears to contradict the pleas from the U.S. oil industry and the Bush administration for Congress to open more offshore waters and Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.

“We can help alleviate shortages by drilling for oil and gas in our own country,” President Bush told reporters this week. “We have got the opportunity to find more crude oil here at home.”

“As a nation, we can have more control over our energy destiny by supplying more of the oil and natural gas we’ll be consuming from resources here at home,” Red Cavaney, president of the American Petroleum (otcbb: AMPE.OB news people ) Institute, said in a letter last week to U.S. lawmakers.

But environmentalists and other opponents to expanding drilling areas could seize on the record exports to argue Congress should not open more acres if U.S. refineries are churning crude oil into petroleum products that are sent out of the American market.

“It doesn’t look good to say: ‘We need more oil.’ But then export the refined products that you’re getting. It doesn’t seem to be consistent,” said Jim Presswood, energy lobbyist for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

But many energy experts say oil and petroleum products are traded globally, and it may make economic sense to export gasoline refined along the U.S. Gulf Coast to Latin America and import European-refined gasoline to U.S. East Coast markets.

“The fact is that the (United States) participates in global markets for both crude and refined products, and there are any number of variables that impact supply and prices in those markets,” said Bill Holbrook, spokesman for the National Petrochemicals and Refiners Association.

The 1.6 million barrels a day in record petroleum exports represented 9 percent of total U.S. refining capacity of 17.6 million barrels a day.

However, with refiners operating at 85 percent of capacity during the January-April period, the shipments represented a much a larger share of total U.S. oil products produced.

The exports were also equal to half the 3.2 million barrels of gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum products the United States imported each day over the 4-month period.

The biggest share of U.S. oil products exported went to Mexico, Canada, Chile, Singapore and Brazil.

U.S. consumers are paying record prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, which the Bush administration blames in part on tight supplies.

While the administration argues that more supplies would help to bring down prices, U.S exports of diesel fuel in April averaged 387,000 barrels per day, up almost seven-fold from 59,000 barrels a day in the same month a year earlier.

U.S. gasoline shipments in April averaged 202,000 barrels a day, the most for the month since 1945, when America was sending fuel overseas to ease supply shortages in other countries during World War II. Gasoline exports in April 2007 were almost half at 116,000 barrels per day.

Residual fuel exports in April were 377,000 barrels per day, the fourth highest level for any month, and up 10 percent from 344,000 barrels per day a year earlier.

The Republicans know all about this increase in US oil exports and so does the boy Bush who stated that our government should not get involved with the free market. My guess is that this means that as long as the friends of the boy Bush and his pal barnacle Cheney are making records profits, our government will have a hands off policy. The UK Guardian also has the story on US oil exports.

Time moves on and the election is drawing near and if the Democrats get control of the White House, there is a high probability that there won’t be more off shore drilling give aways to the oil companies.

So, as the Republicans continue “acting out”, oil prices continue to drop. I’ve seen gasoline selling for $3.65/gallon this weekend. That’s down $.40/gallon and there have not been any changes in drilling nor has there been a gasoline tax holiday. The price of oil is just another commodity speculation. If the Republicans really wanted to help the American people, then they would support the elimination of the “Enron loophole”. They don’t want to do that because they would lose campaign and lobby monies donated to them from the major oil companies.

The Republicans holding this phony Congressional session is just a charade. If they win, then the American people will lose and the oil companies will just get richer at our expense. Don’t be fooled.

UPDATE: Here’s a link with more information about drilling. The Republicans are NOT telling Americans the truth. We will not see any of this oil that would come from more drilling.

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We will advertise instead…

This is interesting, “fear” is preventing a Philadelphia radio station, KYW-AM “news radio”, from airing this advertisement by the DCCC. In this case, money isn’t talking. It is fear that rules, unless maybe KYW-AM is getting some sort of “support” from the current representative of the PA 6th Congressional District. You know him as Republic Jim Gerlach.

The Philadelphia area advertisement will have Jim Gerlach’s name instead of Robin Hayes.

Vote Bob Roggio for PA 6th Congressional District. We need a change in Washington. It’s time for Bush supporter Jim Gerlach to retire from Congress and get a “real” job. Gerlach’s been living off the public money for way too long.

Just look at the economy and the price of gasoline. Jim Gerlach supported Bush’s poor economic policies. Are you better off today then you were in 2000? Did you have more “discretionary” funds in 2000 then you do today? The price of oil is going to have a HUGE impact this winter so start thinking about which room in your house you want to heat because heating the whole house may break your household budget. A vegetarian diet might also become appealing since beans are cheaper than meat and you will need more money to heat your house and to put gasoline in your car, just to get to work.

From the Daily Local

Bob Roggio for Congress.

Another little know fact about Jim Gerlach, he is one of the last Congressman to vote on ANY issue. He waits until he knows that his vote is “safe”. It’s a voting game that is played out in Washington DC all the time and Jim Gerlach is a master at this game. The real issue is exactly where does Jim Gerlach stand on anything? He’s all over the map on his voting record. He is spineless and has no real values or at least he isn’t sharing his real values with the voters.

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Operation: Yellow Elephant


When you get the chance, check out Operation Yellow Elephant. You will get a complete understanding of how strongly the Republicans don’t support our troops.

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The Corn, Wheat, Soybeans and Cotton Diet

Do you qualify for farm bill subsidies? Do you own acreage in Arkansas or Kansas or Iowa which your parents farmed and you inherited and you work in New York City as an attorney? If you do, you may be eligible for government payouts for the farm in Arkansas. Wow, what a bonus and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.

Seventy percent of the payout from the Farm Bill that just passed in the House goes to 10% of our nations farms. Ken Cook explains in an interview in Mother Jones:

Mother Jones: There’s an impression that the farm bill is all that keeps farmers in overalls riding tractors from falling over the precipice. How accurate is that?

Ken Cook: The farm bill does definitely provide help to a lot of family farmers of exactly the type we conjure up in American Gothic style. That’s not the problem with the bill. The problem is that so much of the money that goes out through these farm programs goes to very large, commercial operations that are getting bigger all the time and basically buying up those family farms with the mom and pop in overalls working dawn to dusk. Ten percent of the beneficiaries over the last ten years have gotten over 70 percent of the subsidy money. And so the concern, which, interestingly enough, we shared most with the White House this time around, was that too much money is being funneled to large, profitable farming operations.

Would this have an impact on the “Buy Local” movement? You bet it does. More from the interview:

KC: The first thing to keep in mind is that two-thirds of the farmers counted by the census of agriculture do not get farm bill subsidies. So most farmers don’t get anything. They’re small, they grow fruits and vegetables, raise cattle or horses, they live in rural areas and maybe raise a little hay and sell it. They’re often not full-time operators — most farms are not — and they get no money. And even within the third that does get money from farm bill subsidy programs, the very large ones dominate. And it’s getting more and more concentrated all the time.

I’m not exactly a free trader here, but I am sympathetic to the argument that at some point these big operators ought to be on their own. They’re so big and so efficient and so effective at their work. We ought to reserve some of the money that we’re saying we’re giving to family farmers that are smaller and struggling and actually give it to them. And let the big guys roll the dice on the world market if they want to.

So what type of food products receive the biggest subsidy? Let’s start with the one that receives the most… corn. Since we now use corn for bio-fuels, the demand in this country has increased so the large farms that grow all this corn can raise their prices. That means less corn for cattle and less corn to sell to the world market. Even though the farmers that are growing the corn, genetically modified by the way, are having larger profit margins, our government feels the need to send these farmers more money.

What about nutrition? Does this bill supplement the growing of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits? What about the American diet?

KC: It doesn’t really do very much. There is a lot of talk about nutrition from supporters of the bill because they are trying to make the suggestion that we’re spending a lot more money on fruits and vegetables for schools and we’re doing a lot more in general to promote farmers’ markets and so on. But when you look at the numbers, the investments here are really very minimal compared to the money we are still going to be lavishing on the subsidy lobby.

There’s an environmental price to pay for all this corn growing. Not only does this Farm Bill subsidize the growing of grain, it offers $3.8 billion in permanent disaster program which will mostly effect the driest parts of the country. Basically, it encourages farmers to plow up fragile grasslands which will release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destroy wildlife habitats and cause erosion. This practice would not be good for all living things, including us. It’s a temporary financial gain for long term destruction to the environment.

So why aren’t more small farmers and environmentalist having an impact on this bill? Because the squeaky wheel gets the oil. The corn, wheat, soybean and cotton industry has lobbyists that won’t quit. They keep pounding away at Congress until they get what they want. The smaller farmer doesn’t have the finances or the time to compete with the subsidy lobby.

Is this farm bill better than others? Not really. There’s been momentum in this country to support the smaller farmers and this bill fails in that respect. Also, commodity prices have never been higher so profits are up, way up and our government doesn’t need to spend $5 billion on subsidies with $3 billion of that money going just to corn growers.

This bill is a sellout to the commodity growers and is a nose thumbing to the small farmers. We must continue to work at the local level because this is the only place that we can have an impact. Support your local farmer because they are the farmers that will be providing us with healthy foods. Buy local. Keep the money in your own community.

BONUS link: No till farming in Australia

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McCain’s “Spiritual Guide” wants America to destroy Islam

Maybe this is what John McCain meant when he said “100 years”.


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This is Music to My Ears

The House Republicans are getting very nervous about the general elections. Within the past 3 months, two formerly solid Republican House seats were won by Democrats in a “Special Election”.


Shellshocked House Republicans got warnings from leaders past and present Tuesday: Your party’s message isn’t good enough to prevent disaster in November, and neither is the NRCC’s money.

The double shot of bad news had one veteran Republican House member worrying aloud that the party’s electoral woes – brought into sharp focus by Woody Jenkins’ loss to Don Cazayoux in Louisiana on Saturday – have the House Republican Conference splitting apart in “everybody for himself” mode.

“There is an attitude that, ‘I better watch out for myself, because nobody else is going to do it,'” the member said. “There are all these different factions out there, everyone is sniping at each other, and we have no real plan. We have a lot of people fighting to be the captain of the lifeboat instead of everybody pulling together.”

I’m certainly not surprised by the “everyone for himself” statement. For the past 12 years, the Republican members of Congress have been all about themselves and didn’t give a hoot about the American people. They had their key phrases; “patriotism, flag pins, stay the course, cut and run (I can still see Jean Schmidt making an fool out of herself in the House), terrorists, be afraid, socialized medicine etc…” while working with a “borrow and spend” mentality which has put American jobs in jeopardy, raised gas and food prices, and sent our national debt soaring.

Now here’s a shocker for you… RNCC chairman, Tom Cole (R-OK) told its members that it doesn’t have enough money and that the members will need to raise their own money and run strong campaigns if they want to win in November.

Cole, on the defensive in the wake of special election losses in Louisiana and Illinois, pointed his finger Tuesday at his Republican colleagues, telling them that they had been too stingy in helping fund party efforts. He also complained that the Republicans ran weak candidates in both Louisiana and Illinois – a charge Cole made despite the fact that, as NRCC chairman, he could have played a major role in choosing the party’s candidates if he hadn’t made the decision to stay out of GOP primaries.

This is great news for PA CD 6 Democratic candidate, Bob Roggio. Jim Gerlach (R) will need to “work” for his campaign this year instead of relying on the RNCC to do his work for him.

But Cole’s overall message was clear, said members who sat through the meeting: “If you’re not out doing your own work, and you’re waiting for the NRCC to come in at the last minute and save you, it ain’t gonna happen.” That’s how one lawmaker characterized Cole’s talk, adding that the NRCC is “not going to have the resources” to help all members “and Democrats will have a lot more money.”

If the Republicans in Congress had listened to the American people instead of pandering to “K Street” lobbyists and big corporations, they wouldn’t have to be begging for money and votes. Regardless of who wins the White House in November, they will probably have to work with Democrats that will hold a strong majority in the House. Too bad, the criminals that currently occupy the White House will have already left office. Now, if we can only pull these criminals passports before they take off for Paraquay…