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Fuel: $1.00/gallon

Hey – wouldn’t it be great to pay $1.00/gallon for fuel to run your automobile? Yes, those were the “good old days”, but I’m not talking about gasoline… I’m talking about ethanol. There are many substances that can be used to create ethanol with corn being one of the most expensive to use. Agricultural waste, scrap wood, old tires and other materials can be converted to ethanol by bacteria. Yes, you heard me correctly, bacteria. Now that’s innovation.

You can learn more about this at Penn Portal. The good news for Pennsylvania is that a cellulosic plant is currently planned to be built in Madison, PA. Music to my ears… more jobs in Pennsylvania.

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Environmental Issues

There are two new links to blogs where environmental issues can be discussed. Stop by and visit Alan Gregory’s Conservation News and Fly Rod and Reel Blogs. Alan Gregory is from Pennsylvania and Fly Rod and Reel is a National on-line magazine.

For all those who enjoy fly fishing (you don’t need to like cats 8) ), there’s the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing blog.

Let me know what environmental issues are of concern to you.

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How many people are using YOUR Social Security Number?

This is insane. We all are concerned about identity theft and credit card expenses incurred because of this theft. There is another identity theft that happens strictly for the employment of illegal immigrants. Now, I understand why people are sneaking into our country illegally. NAFTA and the “Corporate Agriculture” have destroyed jobs and shut down the family farms in Mexico. The WalMarts and Monsantos have lowered the income of Mexicans so they come to the US to find better paying jobs. The Bush/Cheney administration turns the other way and won’t address illegal immigration because certain lobbyists and supporters don’t want to pay minimum wage so it’s beneficial to hire illegals and pay them $3.00/hour under the table. The illegals can move up in the pay scale if they get a Social Security number. This allows them to work at places like Burger King for $5.50/hour. To the illegal, this is a big step in pay. Just where do these illegals get Social Security numbers? Well, for $200.00, they can buy one on the streets of Los Angeles. These are Social Security numbers that are stolen and used only to get a job and not to establish credit.

When this happens, it becomes a complicated mess. One Social Security number can have numerous names attached to it. MSNBC explains what can happen here. The IRS has no interest in pursuing the thieves because the money paid into the system doesn’t get spent. It sits in a sheltered fund. Interesting, wouldn’t you agree? And Congress isn’t doing anything about it either.

Contact your Representatives and Senators and have them doing something about this Social Security theft. Because, the first one to collect will be the one to benefit and you better hope that you get to collect before the illegal does otherwise there might not be anything there for you.

Find your Representative here.

Find your Senator here.


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McCain’s YouTube Nightmare

Thanks to Brave New Films… Share this with everyone you know.

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If I were a terrorist…

Pass this video on.

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Save Our Food Supply – Stop Monsanto

I attended a town hall meeting where my State Legislator discussed a bill which he introduced that would help kick-start organic farms in Pennsylvania. He stated that the “big” agriculture (Ag) lobbiest keep asking to meet with him and they try to convince him to change his bill because the bill would protect the small organic farms of Pennsylvania. He refuses to make changes to suit “Big Ag”. The Monsantos and Cargills are out to own our food supply. Is it just a matter of time until some conglomerate(s) owns our water suppy? Some States are already considering “privatizing” the water supply. Did you know that it is illegal to gather rainwater without a permit in Washington and Colorado? What’s next, our air? Will we all be required to wear some type of air consumption monitor? This may sound a bit silly, but exactly where does this control stop?

The Clintons have a very long history of association with big Ag, particularly, Monsanto. The Smirking Chimp has several links to related articles.

Vanity Fair explains the evils of Monsanto

RubyGal has more to say about Monsanto and Clinton connections over at the DailyKos.

None of the candidates are talking about holding Monsanto accountable for terrorizing our farmers and seed sellers. Something needs to be done to break the “mafia-like” grip that Monsanto holds over our politicians, judges, legislators, and farmers. This has got to stop. If it doesn’t, then we will all be consuming toxic foods and GM foods… we will be the “test” subjects for whatever Monsanto wants to throw our way. And we will be helpless to do anything about it.

Vermont has a solid, strong “Buy Local” campaign. Pennsylvania needs to better organize the same thing.


UPDATE: Here’s a link to the Rodale Institute.

You can find additional information and location of farms serving your area at their website. It is worth the visit.

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Barack’s Plan for Safety in the Workplace

I received the following email:

*Paid for by Obama for America

Background: The Continuing Danger in Pennsylvania and across the United States from Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Too many Pennsylvanians have to choose between supporting their family and facing unnecessary danger at their jobs. In 2006, 240 Pennsylvanians died as a result of workplace injuries. And the annual number of workplace fatalities in Pennsylvania has remained stubbornly above the 200 mark over much of the last decade with a total loss of some 2,511 lives due to workplace injuries in Pennsylvania since 1996.[1]

Barack Obama believes we can and must do better. As president, he will break the political logjams that froze efforts to improve the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the 1990s and end George W. Bush’s neglect of workplace health and safety. He understands the importance of assuring that Pennsylvanians come home to their families at the end of the work day healthy and safe.


Improve Resources for Federal Workplace Safety Efforts: As president, Barack Obama will assure that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) — our long-neglected agencies charged with making workplaces healthy and safe — are led by people dedicated to their vital missions and have the staff and resources they need. He understands the necessity of breaking the political impasse between the White House and Congress that has starved those agencies of the resources they need to protect workers.

Barack Obama will assure that OSHA and MSHA have state-of-the-art tools and strategies needed to safeguard workers facing a wide range of hazards: from mine tunnel collapses to crane accidents, and from exposures to dangerous chemicals to severe back strains. Obama will assure that all workers — including state and local public employees in states like Pennsylvania where OSHA is administered by the federal government — are finally protected by those laws.

Promote Mine Safety: Coal mining is among the most dangerous professions in the United States. In January 2006, a mine explosion at the Sago mine trapped 13 miners for two days. Only one survived. Two weeks later, a fire at the Aracoma Alma Mine killed two. These accidents spurred important mine safety legislation, but Barack Obama believes we need to do more. As president, Obama will work to ensure that mine companies stockpile more supplies in the mine, providing better tracking devices for miners, and better monitoring of gas and smoke in mines. He will provide more training for rescue teams, ensuring that rescue teams can be deployed quickly. Obama will also call for more inspectors and tougher penalties for operators who run afoul of the law. Obama will ensure the person he appoints to head the federal agency that oversees mine safety has a
proven commitment to safeguarding the interests of miners. But we need to protect miners, not only from accidents, but also from coal dust that leads to black lung. Each year, 1,000 people die from black lung, far more than the number that die in mine accidents. Obama will strengthen dust control requirements and make sure that mine operators are complying with these requirements.

Modernize Federal Workplace Safety Regulations: Workplaces across Pennsylvania and the United States look far different today than they did when workplace safety and health laws were passed more than 35 years ago. Barack Obama will make sure that our nation’s workplace health and safety policies reflect the real problems facing working people now. An Obama administration will address dangers that Washington politicians have failed to address, such as exposures to a growing number of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Most important, he will work to end the partisan politics surrounding issuing new health and safety standards that play into the hands of powerful interests opposed to any change in health and safety regulation.

Create New Partnerships to Address Worker Safety and Health: Obama will provide workers, unions, responsible businesses, and the government the full array of tools they need to create proactive workplace safety policies. He will encourage health and safety committees and require companies to invest in comprehensive programs. But he will also make sure that businesses that fail to live up to their obligations face real penalties and consequences for their failures. As a U.S. Senator, Barack Obama cosponsored the Protecting America’s Workers Act, legislation that would address many of the fundamental problems with our health and safety laws.[2]

Barack Obama cares about the workers of America. Vote Barack Obama on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

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