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Obama’s Has the Delegates…

According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama has the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. Read about it here on MSNBC. Sources within the Clinton campaign say that she is ready to acknowledge that Barack Obama has the necessary delegates. The rumors are that Hillary would consider the VP spot. Since there is no “runner-up” default for the VP position, Obama may spend some time researching who will best serve the nation and who will best balance the ticket in positions of strength.

Who do you think would be a good choice for Barack Obama’s running mate? How about some choices for Cabinet positions?

Will McBush pick Romney as his VP or will it be some other governor? We already know that McBush wants to appoint Phil Gramm, the lobbyist that pushed “Death Bonds”, read about it here… Secretary of the Treasury. If you thought the US Treasury has been raped and pillaged by the current Republican administration, wait until Phil Gramm gets a hold of it.

Okay – speak your mind… who are you choices and why?

UPDATE: The Centrist posted their list here

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DNC chairman under Bill Clinton: Unite behind Obama

Wow. Superdelegate Joe Andrew DNC chairman under Bill Clinton made the announcement in his home town of Indianapolis today. This is huge for Obama! Read Joe Andrew’s letter at the link below.

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More Endorsements…

Cheese and rice… these endorsements are becoming non-stop… more made today.

Read all about it

Barack Obama Campaign Delegates Democrats Elections Endorsements Government Obama Pennsylvania Vote Voting

Meet the 17th Congressional Delegate Candidate

Let Eileen introduce herself to you… Below is the letter which she mailed to the Democrats of Oley. Eileen is running in the 17th Congressional District which includes parts of Berks, Schuylkill, Lebanon and Dauphin Counties.

Dear Fellow Oley Democrat:

I usually write to you, as your Democratic Committeewoman, to share my thoughts on those candidates I am supporting in a general election. But today I write to you as a delegate candidate to the Democratic National Convention.

I am Co-Chair of Berks for Obama, a large group of grassroots volunteers, dedicated since February, 2007, to getting Barack Obama nominated as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. We have worked hard all year to present the citizens of Berks County with the possibility of nominating a candidate who can transcend our divisions of race, and who can rise above the partisan politics of old.

I am running for Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, committed to Barack Obama, because his candidacy has inspired me. I want a president who will unite our country. I want a president who will heal the years of separation built by those politicians who use our differences to divide us and drive a wedge through our common hopes and dreams. I believe that Barack Obama is a true leader, who can inspire a nation, and our world.

I am writing to ask you to vote for me to represent you at the Democratic National Convention. I am the only delegate on the ballot in the 17th Congressional District, who is from Berks County; in fact, I am the only delegate outside of the Harrisburg area. I ask for your vote to give me the opportunity to represent you at the convention in Denver.

Your vote for delegate is separate from your vote for presidential candidate. Each of our presidential candidates will get a percentage of the four delegate slots in our district. The number of delegates for each candidate depends on the percentage of the vote he/she receives. The highest vote-getters, among each candidate’s pledged slate of delegates, will be the ones who go to the convention to represent the Democrats in the 17th Congressional District.

The four delegates on the ballot who are pledged to Barack Obama are:

  • Eileen G. Prussman
  • J. Alex Hartzler
  • Loretta Barbee-Dare
  • Dan Miller

Please consider a vote for all four of us.

As always, I have paid the cost of creating and mailing this letter, as I would pay the cost of the trip to Denver, should I win the right to represent you there.

Very truly yours,

Eileen G. Prussman
Berks County Democratic Committeewoman, Oley 1

(published with permission of the candidate)

Barack Obama Campaign Delegates Democrats Elections Endorsements Government Obama Pennsylvania Vote Voting

Meet the Delegate… PA 18th Congressional District

This thread will be an opportunity for the community at large to learn a little bit about the delegate candidates for Barack Obama.

Let me introduce you to Chris Schultz… PA 18th Congressional District.


From Chris…

“I have been a supporter of Barack Obama’s ever since he entered the US Senate. I am a graduate of Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh, where I a work as a consultant for technology strategies and environmental and green energy issues. I happen to blog about both those topics at “Green is Good“, which is a blog that covers local, regional and national issues concerned with public transportation, clean tech, and green energy. “

Chris has created a blog, Western PA for Obama. You will find a link to this blog on the sidebar. If you have questions or want to know more about Chris… visit Western PA for Obama